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El I ■■) I ■ I ■ I 

{\mn mtjtmh n. t-mW-W 


roon^nmi turning ^T ttieiQcs to b«ir 

> o( stna, : m unrctaM OKgMiMm tiM ifmK^.fif^^irmi-tndr 

enM (W ««».•.« net Hour cf alt ktoB |^ » >T»^Kun . Mw, M» 

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vt «aluc» cventiMly arMmrty dOK le lom* iMNbecio 
. } . \». .tt. -^.^ 4. to cauw to cofiMfge. 
ij-?-* ynv{K*yiKm. tn. amwatrtua by oonMnpeaoe; indtog 

»n>v«r no* (kan vur>m), it 1. an aa or Mttaoc of €<mm(#i' lent itatc or qualify. H the degree Of paM or convM^nik. 

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prcMurea. •. a net nmr oT airinio a ^wa revolt 

vitordcfi. 1-3). 

^ lian vOf)0. K, i n r a idL »f Iwg. —k/. 1. to lead to med 

line; incline toward each oOMT.aalneaavt an " 
jward a common resutt or concfeaton. t. (Of a .. 
. to have values eventuaiy arbUnrty doae to MMie I 
■" " " .(.4. to cause 

/itmSi\%. C/^^ (Kwof air fcX> a| feica n^om. Naol mm- 

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tend loMai 1 a oj { mon esult or cd dush x. %. (of - maT :inadcai 

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pgent state or quality, a. ine degree or pom w uaiMigtng- - 

Bd turning of the eyes to bear upon a near polnL ■. a sbi*- 

Kture In unrelated organisms that is cauMd by sbnlar cnvl- 

•wcssures. 6.anetno*rofairintoa gbicn rei^oii. Mm. « ' 

(for deft. lO). 

(taan wOrK). v.. wtm± w r « l n «. -v.i. 1. to lead to i 

It or line: incline toward each other, as fctesthrt are not panfcl. 
' toward a common result or oondualon. S. (of a natiemaUcai 
erK o have values eventualy arMnrty dose to some nuater to 
a f limit ~-v.t 4. to cause to converge. 

- • nn vurO*«). «*• charwaerbed by convergence: tenUng 
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_ma»Ka turning of the eyes to bear upon a near poM. ft-asimi 
tnicture In unreialed orauilsnw that Is cauaed by 



•n*ey (for deK. 1^). 
M It'Vf i a (l«n vurK). v.. nai j id. *a r« la». — »a I. to (end to wea 
^ in a point or yne; indine towaid each ottier. as mes that ar e not piafcl. 
. « »_. — ' tofward a common result or oonckolon. S. (of a ■■■Muntfr.ri 
•o have wdues eventualy arbllrarly ctaae to some numten to 
Imit —¥.L 4. to cause to converge. 
t (l(an vur^lont). aiff. ctwactertzed by convergence: lendhig 
j^r: mergtog- t aw iiai ^— — l » . a*'. 
nea tttsn vur^ans). a. 1. an aa or tostanoe of mn v o gi wi . 
lent state or quaMy. a. the deyee or point of convy»»g. 4. 
i d turning of die eyes to bear upon a near point Kaabn- 
I dure m unrrtated organisms ttiat k caused brslnritor 
Assures, •.anetflowofalrintoa glhch re^on. Mn, 
Vttordefc. 1-3). 

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tend towam a common result or conclusion. S, tof a mi»ein*lril 

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rent state or quaMy. 3. the degree or pointof como^ng. 
ad turning of die eyes to bear upon a near point tf, «*- 
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P-iKssures. C a net flow of a|r Mto a #ien leafon. Msq^ 
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iiian vO^K). v^ iia« » sd. saf irtog: ^tXto^tend towm 
me: bidine towird ea«*o«ier; »-i«»***^^afg^ 
jwarda oommon resi»erx «a « to i1 wi . 8L.tPfa i i i a fc u iiij tfrjr 
I to have vatoesevBdualiy a*»Mflr^«*^<os«*^ 


Univci^sit./ w 



V ' 


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*^ . ^ 

• b . 


The inaugural speech of Mary 
Washinston's seventh president, William J. 
Frawley, ought to be heavily borrowed 
from to explain the nature of this book. 
While he so aptly spoke of the University's 
direction during his installation ceremony, 
his audience gained a fresh perspective. 
Frav^ley's central point v/as that of 
convergence; of the University connecting 
today with yesterday and yesterday with 
tomorrow. "Convergence is at the heart of 
the university," said Frawley in his 
address, "Here we harness unbending 
tradition with the risks of the pedagogical 
cutting-edge; here we actively promote 
disagreement, dissent and divergent 
thinking, all the while tempering it with 
respect, balance and a sense of others." 
There's simply no better way to put it. The 
University merges life with academics, 
science with religion and tradition with 
progress. The paths all amalgamate here: 
brick to lawn; past to future; teaching to 
learning; responsibility to freedom; 
institution to world. Mary Washington 
affords each student the precious 
opportunity for convergence at every 
moment. As Frawley said, "more often 
than not, convergent moments come in the 
quotidian, as a kind of redemption of the 
ordinary. These are the everyday times 
when the past and the future merge, when 
our desires and our fears converge into a 
confident stillness and when, such as 
today, families and total strangers come 
together effortlessly over a common 
purpose. These convergent moments are 
energizing and hopeful." 










gettind pumped up for a midnisht game of flag football 

nftht fever 


Students partake in a variety of evening activities to 
keep themselves entertained when the books are 
closed for the weekend 

Cassandra Ratti 

Saturday nigl 

ay nights 

iRachael Ncwcomb, a Circle K member, with a Fredericksburg child 

^■r Clubs and residence halls sponsor tables of 
^^^ arts and crafts in order to help community 
■I^H children give back to Fredericksburs 

Anne Longerbeam 

the Willard Hall table plants sunflower seeds for a nursing home 


make a difference day 


^^ students livins on campus find ways to make the 
^^^ college experience of living in a dorm more like the 
^^ comfort of home 

Cassandra Ratti 



Willard residents at the hall council Lost program 





Madeleine Hawks 

Qrbon Leaf 

wkA Giant brings Carbon Leaf to Dodd Auditorium for the 
^y first concert after tlie September 2006 release of 
^^k their album: Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat" 



■ i 


^^' ' 

^ ^ 

- W 

Ik iS k^ 




l*"-^ ^c> 



' Eli 


3M — ■ •*" 

i 1 

•^m , 


■ ^1 



• -w^* 

— 4 -^^if ■ 


:»'j''.^ ■ 

«oo# |> 


■^ - ■^»- 



■ --^L jP"'^^Bp^^^^ ■' 

^J^ed stands watch boys soccer play Salisbury UnSv 

on Saturday afternoon 

Michelle Esch 



This year's Homecoming was a blastl with a theme 

of "Viva Las Vegas" and the siosan "What happens in Mary Wash 
stays in Mary Wash," the week was a tremendous hit for 
everyone. Homecomins week started with "Students Helping 
Honduras Game Night/' "Cross Cultural BBQ/' and "Rio Day with 
Volleyball." Thursday was "Rocktober Fest and Bonfire/' Friday 
was "Crazy Carnival Day and Homecoming Dance," and the week 
was wrapped up with the sports games on Saturday. The dance 
and bonfire were great hits with s'mores at the bonfire and great 
music at the dance. The sports games brought out most of the 
Mary Wash community. This was extremely evident by the 
packed stands at both the girls and boys soccer games. At 
those games, the Spirit Committee had a giveaway with tons of 
free prizes for all, including UMW water bottles and pennants. 



..'f : .- 


liiMflMfe. m 

I freshmen lending their support to the girls on the soccer field 






ffte" .r^' 

^H sceam|ljy%t all tp scary cos||||| 


[residents show off orisinal costumes at a dance party in Russell 

Cassandra Ratti 


students flaunt everythins from creepy to crazy 
costumes in the spirit of All Hallows Eve 



vV, ?^^ 


Read ii ALL! . 







I PRISM leads a group of student protestors of the marriase amendmement at the rock ^^ ^^^b • 

U^^^g .. , ^ ,^,„.. „ /^iJ^-^r ^^ ^a2^_* ^ ^^^^^i_3«i^M 

at the debate, a student (left. 

Sree Chellappan & Alex Krafchek 


raise yo*^r 

As elections drew near, students raised tlieir voices in praise 

of their preferred candidates. The campus came alive with student 
organizations vying for the spotlight in an attempt to get their issues, and 
stances, heard. A debate betv/een the Democrat and Republican clubs was the 
perfect venue for such an endeavor. The building was packed as students 
listened intently to the vast variety of issues that were covered. The topics 
included education, economics, the war on terror, and even some controversial 
issues such as stem cell research and the marriage amendment. In fact, the 
marriage amendment turned out to be a key issue in this election. The 
proposed amendment would not only prohibit same sex marriage, but also take 
away former rights from any kind of unmarried couple. This amendment would 
count abuse in live-in-relationships only as assault and not as domestic 
violence, among other stipulations. The campus organization PRISM made a 
strong effort to open students eyes to the issue by painting Vote No! on the 
rock in bold letters. As students walked by, some stopped to sign the rock to 
show their support for the cause. Other organiztions counteracted by painting 
"Vote Yes" on the rock (as pictured). For those who were unaware of the 
proposed amendment, PRISM filled the campus with flyers summarizing and 
detailing the issue. In addition, booths providing absentee ballots to students 
were set up around campus. In these many ways, campus organizations were 
able to enlighten their peers on the campaign issues of this years election. 

icn dressed as Jim Webb and George Alien for Halloween 


marriase amendemtn and elections 


William John Frawley was inausurated as the University of Mary 
Washinston s seventli president on Saturday, September 30, 2006. Tlie 
inaugural festivities began earlier in the week with a UMW and Community 
Symphony Orchestra inaugural Concert on Wednesday, and concluded 
with an Inaugural Ball, held at the Jepson Alumni Center the night of the 
Inaugural ceremony. Keynote speakers present to greet President 
Frawley included Virginia Governor, Timothy Kaine and other local 
politicians. In his speech, newly inaugurated President Frawley, using 
examples of experiences with his own children such as "brainwire", spoke 
of convergent moments. He stated that. These are the everyday times 
when the past and the future merge, when our desires and our fears 
converge into a confident stillness and when ... families and total 
strangers come together effortlessly over a common purpose. These 
convergent moments are energizing and hopeful. President Frawley 
discussed the need to drive the future, not to just ratify the past. In 
talking about an experience with his young son, he stated that tomorrow 
is just like today, except totally different . We will maintain some 
traditions, but there is also change. President Frawley emphasized that 
we need to teach to the future , not for the present which is merely just 
catching up. We need to be cutting edge. We are the future of the 
institution, and President Frawley is promising to take us there. 

*photos by Daniel Ceo 
and Kate LeBoeuf 



recently inausurated President Fra^. 





;"^; + lBm. ^^J^^^HI 


students and faculty at Inaugural Ball^^| 





Wi i ^ 


Bi^B ^-^^IHI 







^B ^UHHOK ^^^K, 



President Fra\yley waits patiently wliile receiving his ceremonial regalia 

Pulitzer Prize winner Claudia Emerson reads a poem she wrote for the ceremony 



*, i 

fzd Hossein Nasr speaks on freedon in the sotball contexl 

^^K ^■^r 

Ijames RoberSon of VT lectures on the life of Stonewall Jackson 

of LSU answers questions surroundins the expansion of New Orleans 


Ijnterestins Lectures 

■■J Speakers from all over the coutry turn out to lecture 
^ on the lives and cultures of their fellow Americans* 


■■■ Barbara Ailstock 



Matt Pask- Desk Manaser of Jefferson 

junior residant assistant, Holley Dettioff prepares for Ttianksgivins Break 

Barbara Ailstock 


t§ play hard 

UMW students roll in the dough at local jobs 
around campus and the community 


student employment 

playing card games with cliildren in the Copprome orphanage 

For the seventh 

throughout the year, SHH hosted events and 
mission trips to raise money and reach out to the 
poverty-stricken village of Siete de Abril 


Cassandra Ratti 

students helping nunduras 

#*K IM 


two COAR members depict what the raised money wir^o toward | 


\i Samantha Blackburn were the hosts of the COAR poker tournament 

Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 




One of the ways in which clubs were able to raise 
money was by having a poker competition. COAR 
held a poker tournament in order to raise money 
for the Build a Habitat project. 

the first and second prize winners show off their trophies 

th§ town 

Anne Lonserbeam 


Downtown is the perfect spot for students to take a 
study break and go for a cup of coffee at the 
Hyperion, or even to see some of the historic sites 
throughout Fredericksburg* 




he consumption of 8.5 hot dogs 


Sarnering enthusiasm from tip huge crowd gathered in front of Monroe 


Madeleine Hawks 

tJCack widow 


Students welcome the first-ever 6-minute hot 
dog eating contest featuring The Black Widow 
(Sonya Thomas), who ate 22,5 hot dogs. 

>First Place - Daniel Kauffman - 12 hot dogs 

>Second Place - Tom Hayden - 8.5 hot dogs 

>Third Place - Justin Toney - 8 hot dogs 

>The contest was sponsored by Nathan s Famous Hot Dogs, 

UMW Dining, the Bookstore, OSACS, and Business Services. 

Dean Rucker cracks up with the crowd 

hot dog eating contest 




Invisible Children, a movie which started a 
movement, made its impact on the University this 
year. With two screenings with an unbelievable 
turnout and UMW s presence at the nationwide 
Displace Me event, students at Mary Wash did 
what they could to impact the Ugandan crisis, 

Jennifer Wagar 



On April 16, 2007, the Commonwealth of Virginia was struck with a terrible tragedy. In the early 
morning, a Virginia Tech student armed with two handguns killed two people in a dorm room and 
proceeded to kill 30 more, two hours later, in the engineering building. The University of Mary 
Washington campus was alerted to the tragedy via an email from President Frawley in the 
afternoon hours. Later, an email was sent to Virginia Tech President, Charles Steger, letting him 
know that the UMW community was praying for those involved in the massacre and that the UMW 
campus was open for friends, family and students of Tech. That night, a small, impromptu vigil 
was held around the fountain where students said prayers, lit candles, sang Lean On Me and 
poured orange Gatorade into the fountain. By Tuesday morning, our waters ran orange for those 
at Virginia Tech. Thursday, the Commonwealth supported Tech by wearing orange and maroon, 
while a statewide vigil was held that night. Friday at noon, students, faculty and staff clasped 
hands across campus for a 5 minute chain commemorating the events. The UMW community held 
its own vigil in Ball Cirlce, with so many people that they barely fit around the grassy lawn. 
Everyone was given a candle and once again, said a prayer for those involved in this tragedy who 
will forever be known in modern U.S. history. 



Chain of Hope, held at noon on Friday 

Owe thoughb one luUh yxui 


Madeleine Hawks 


campus is muddied with a combination 
of meitins snow and upturned green 
space while construction ensues 


reconstrucUng the brick path on Campus Walk in front of lee Haiij 


I .* 3 




behind-Ball and Custis, the site of traitors that would be the Bookstore 













^^^^^ ■ 

' '^"^^ 




UMW students from Fredericksburg use the hill outside Willard for sledding 





February 14 brinss 3 inches of snow« Classes and 

activities (including a Talent Show, Death by Chocolate 

and Dinner & a Comedian) are canceled for the day* 

Madeleine Hawks 

^^ ^ 



snow day 

Gracie Hart 

when tired of seaco and the nest and desiring 
somethins different, students 30 out to grab some 
grub and indulge in their sweet tooth 






frozen custard 

Is a sweet tjp 

^^V ^ ' ." '' l^i 



Otani s is a great place for dinner with a group 

A room with a view 

^L ^ Barbara Ailstock 

tfib Roof 

^IJ^J UMW students spend alternative spring break in 
JW| lakeland, Florida while volunteering to build houses. 


" W g .^. 'wwi io- ^ 

i UMW students work to build new homes 

volunteers raise' new walls 



IA#% ■ Grade Hartfl 

jghd pranks 

^IHHI junior ring week proves adventurous as the class of 
^^ 2008 celebrates, sets pranked, and finally dons 
^^^ their class rings 






. * '. *. 

officers for the class of 2008 show off their new rings 

•• •* 




^. qoats 

the 1920 s born tradition continued this year, with 
the even classes (the soats) taking on the odd 
classes (the devils) 

Gracie Hart 

students jousted American Gladiator style 

students played bunsee basketball 

students had to go down the slide in the obstacle course to set out 


dcvil/gCat oay 

Gracie Hart 

e night away 


the location of spring formal, held in April, was kept 
a secret until students arrived by buses to the 
Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA 





"i^iy^ J^^' 



students decorated the walkers' path with chalk advertisisn their walking groups 


Madeleine Hawks 


Shin Fujiyama and SHH organize the second annual 
Walk for Copprome, bringing the community to 
campus for a cause 

nt of Monroe Hall 



Gracie Hart^ 

aBhew chapter 

HM On a warm May mornins, friends and family looked 
^■■1 on as the Class of 2007 walked across the stage to 
accept their degrees from acting president, Richard 
P, Hurley. Over 1100 students graduated from the 
combined Fredericksburg and Stafford campuses* 
After four years of hard work and dedication, the 
graduates move on to a new chapter in their lives, 
holding in their hearts UMW and the memories that 

^0^ they made here* 


Sraduates look on as fellow students recleve their degrees 



Newt Gingrich delivers the commencement address 


f"^^^' -m 





J^ mA 




^M ■m^Sk 


. 1 

''^ li 




students wait in line as they process down campus walkl 

banners hans onB^lrsinia Hall congratulating graduates 














Ashley Addis 


' TnnKJe 

combs/ trinkle 



Cassandra Ratti 







Cassandra Ratti 






Gracie Hart 






Cassandra Ratti 






r^ -.4 

u- j'l^ jTiiiirfiii 

Barbara Ailstock 

&yocal percussion 


UMW's own Acepella Groups show their stuff at I 
concerts and local events 



Bella performs in front of Marshall to advertise upcoming concert 


epena Groups L^^y^. 




UMWs Jewish community celebrates cultural heritage 


Religious clubs around campus gather to share in 
HL- the experiences of their faith while showing others 
what it means to have faith. 

Barbara Ailstock 


Religious Organizations 

'^Y ^^*"^ '"'■■^ •■ ^^^ 








members of illtervarsity during a group prayer session 

\^uld jesus do? 

^^^ christian orsanizations provide an outlet for 

^^ students with common religious beliefs to meet and 

^^ take part in various activities 

Cassandra Ratti 

christian clubs 

Gracie Hart 

ybur rights 


the political clubs on campus, includins: Young 
Democrats, College Republicans, and Anarchists 
Social Theory, rallied around their causes and made 
their views known 




t: Mi, . 



political I 

political clubs 

■ . ''' "". . 


R%i members of the College Republicans showed their red, white, and blue at the SHH walkathon 


\ ^ 






Melissa Falkenstern and Robby Adams at 
Balis Hall s annual 80's Dance 


Le Boeuf uses the slogan Vote Beef to campaign for a position on the Academic Affairs Council 

O'Brien and Larisa Mount raffle off prizes at Friday Night Dry 



SGA and it s sister orsanization ARH combine to 
solve student issues and sponsor activities for the 
student body. 

Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 


student elected members of Honor Council and the 
Judicial Review Board held and attended various 
events during the year 

I members of the JRB met the Real Worlds Ruthie at an alcohol awarene^ event 







Service clubs around campus work to spread the 
gift of caring to those in the community around 

Barbara Ailstock 

MVK.\^^?Ss\vSCTCS I 



Circle K Officers work to draw In new members at Club 


, Rotaract 



a group of students dance to cultural music 






m^ % 1^ 

1 Vr* J 

11 1 



Michelle Esch 

'm 1^1 91 Hr 


Multicultural Fair, sponsored by SGA, featured 
ethnic foods, cultural dances and a fashion show of 
different cultural dresses. 


MuhiculfTTrai rair 

Brianne Doura, Kate Elvey, Heather Smith, Kendall Harins, and Rachel Si; 


Lori Plants hands an award of completion of the SYE prosram to Quintalis Hill 


HkW washing™ ^ 

the GOLD program came to a close with an award 
ceremony in Custis basement led by Lori Plants for 
FYE and SYE participants 

rigser and Michelle Paley celebrate their awards 


'. banquet 

sye/fyc banquet 


earth oay 


Madeleine Hawks 

31^ears of 



ecology club and the GOLD program join forces for 
the 37th earth day with campus clean-up, 
tree-planting & an eco fair 



Students gather for a tree-plantins in front of Seaco s Diner entrance 

ents sort trash gathered from parts of campus 




.'^U' .r^..'-'. <^ 

•' *vi>- 

>^:^:\ ^■^.V^. 

■f ?r^;" -J ^^^ 



Tim Jones and Amber Bacskocky sisning a banner for Earth Day 

Spirit Rock 


earth day 


UMW Dance Team: So You Think You Can Dance 


I niqht away 

dance team members show off their skills during 
performances in the lee hall ballroom 

I Mountain Jumpers: Anna Gunsten, Jenn Gailinari, Marfp Ozolins and Jess Polledri 


dance clubs 




groups such as Giant put on several shows 
throughout the year featuring big names like 
Michael Ian Black and Josh Gracin while Cheap Seats 
held new movies every weekend like Happy Feet 
and Casino Royale for just a $1 

Grade Hart 

entertainment clubs 

>xford s Collapse was one of the many bands that performed on campus during the year^ 

H. ^■^SysriSNS' 

^ciub vice president Tim Walsh trails club president Bob Carrico 


on guard! 

^^^^ UMW's FencinQ and Cvclina clubs 

UMW s Fencins and Cyclins clubs 
>The UMW cyclins club was one of the smallest 
schools to compete in the Atlantic Coast Cycling 
Conference (ACCO* Jessica Lehman finished 2nd in 
the championship criterium and 1st in the road race* 
Lehman was also named the Women s B Conference 
Champion* Teammate Steve Bruen placed 3rd in the 
Men s B Championship Road Race* 

Sree Chellappan & Alex Krafchek 


fencing & cycling clubs 


step show sponijored by 
Women of Colorjand SEED 

Sree Chellappan & Alex Krafchek 

^w student orsanizations such as SEED, PRISM, and 
Women of Color promote diversity by bringing 
entertaining programs to campus 




Gracie Hart 

ma ranging 


trek club and gun club took various trips throughout « 
the year leaving them with memorable experiences 



trek clubyguiTclub It 

gun club officers practice safe shooting at: 






If ^^ 



<- %\|^' 


members of the trek club pose on a mountain durins a hiking trip| 

N .^. .■ 





Hte, .Buliet Wounds ^ 




■ ' 





?"^ I 













UMW Newspaper Staff meets to crank out the next 
issue of The Bullet 

Barbara Ailstock 


the bullet 










if 1 





':^^''r 1 ""■;.: 










members of the Polemic pose for their club picture 

different covers from various editions ol the Polemic 

^^H ^ Gracie Hart ^ ^ ^ ^ 

^d creativity 


the Polemic, one of UMW s literary masazines, is 
published bi-yearly and features student prose, 
poetry, photography, essays, and other 
graphic/visual art 




on beKalf ofAhe yearboot! 

consra&uaxions to the 

thank yo 

to the followins people, without whon 

Tracy Sutherland 
Candid Color Photosraphy 
the Creators of Facebook 

Ellen Deyerle 
Clint Often 

Daniel Ceo 

Mark Macmillan 

the entire UMW Student Body 

Adobe Photoshop 

B & R from W. 


his book would never have existed: 


battlcfiero yearbook 



• • 


• • 

A million thanks to a fantastic staff who really stuck with it. 

It's hard to believe this publication became a reality! I know 

this year was a challense - with a staff of only 8 and 320 

pages to complete it seemed impossible, but it s all finished! I 

wish you all the best of luck with next year and with your 

bright futures. I am inspired and impressed with the 

leadership you all mustered at the very end to pull together a 

great book. Consider this the actual last email from me! You 

guys are really awesome and a pleasure to work with. 


First, I need to thank Madeleine for stepping up to the plate 

and making this yearbook happen, when no one seemed 

to want to do it. And even if they never read this, I need to 

thank my family for all of their support whilst I was here. 

Thank you. I also want to thank all of my friends 

here at Mary Wash for all the wonderful memories which are 

seen in this book and for those which are always going to be 

in our hearts. I love you all and I will always cherish 

the times we had spent at Mary Wash. 

Here s to our first last call as alumni! 


Whoosh! Its finally finished! No more stressing out about 

where pictures are going to come from or how everything is 

going to get done on time. Even though it was challenging at 

times, it was still a blast. Im looking forward to next year 

and the creation of another great book. To all of my friends 

and everyone I stalked on facebook to get pictures, thank 

you so much! It couldn t have been done without you. To my 

special ex-Randolph and ex-Marshall people, thanks for the 

memories and get ready, your Junior Ring week is going to 

make up for the mummification of my car (RIP Bacardi). 

Here s to a great upcoming centennial year! 


• • 

I have to start by thanking Madeleine for all her hard work 
this year. You did an amazing job and we couldn t have done 
it without you. Thank you to the rest of the staff for sticking 
with it for the whole year. Thank you also to Clint Often for 
letting me bother him so many times for pictures. Lastly, 
thanks to Sree, my partner in crime! You kept my stress level 
down and were always there for me when I couldn't 
remember we had a meeting. Thanks! 

Thanks to everyone who really gave it their all this year. We 
had a lot of people come and go, but I must say everyone did 
a really great job. I can t wait to work with each and every 
one of you again next year. Madeleine, a special thanks goes 
out to you for all the hard work, dedication, and teambuilding 
you facilitated this year. 


Sree! So sorry you didn t get your own message in here. 
Thanks for everything you did this year - we couldn t have 
done it without you! 




First off, thanks a bunch to Madeleine. You made this book 

possible and have put in countless hours of work and effort. I 

wish you were staying on staff next year, but good luck to 

youi Thanks also to the entire staff who stuck around for the 

year. You guys always pull through in the end, even when its 

two weeks into summer break and we re still working on the 

book! Finally, thanks to Michelle, my closest friend on staff, 

who has always been there to offer her thoughts and help. 

Enjoy the summer, and good luck to everyone next year! 


A great first year with it s many setbacks has finally come to 

the end. Thank you to all who participated this year, and 

especially thank you to Madeleine for pulling through in the 

clutch and being a great EIC. Everyone on the staff did their 

part and even went above and beyond the call of duty to do 

others pages. Cass, thank you for all your thoughs and input, 

and of course, your constant jokes that keep me smiling! 

Have a great summer and be ready to work in the fall! 


• • 









.^^ ^^^^B/^^ 





^^pp^^ « 



Sree Chellappan & Alex Krafchek^ 

going th 

Women and Men Cross Country Teams Take 3rd and 4th 

at NCAA Regional Championships- 
Both Finish 2nd at CAC Championships 

>coach: veteran Stan Soper 

>Mens Team Members: Doug Axelrod, Chris Badalato, Matt Cash, Frank 

DeVar, Matt Downs, Jason Driscoll, Brian Fulton, Tim Jones, Justin Kirl<, 

Daniel Lee, J.T. Newcomb, Jalce Pattyson, James Rocic, George Winslow, 

Lul<e Wolverton, Mohammed Yousuf 
>Womens Team Members: Dana Capps, Kerry Carfagno, Cristy Falcone, 
Katie Figura, Allison Hazlett, Mary Naylor, Kelly Osborn, Nina Pfeiffer, Julia 

Rothlisberger, Ann Tripp 

>Justin Kirk, Ann Tripp, and Allison Hazlett represented UMW at the NCAA 

Cross Country National Championships in Willington, Ohio 

>Justin Kirk named CAC Runner of the Year, finishing first with a time of 


>freshman Frank DeVar was CAC Rookie of the Year, placing second overall 

>both men and women s cross country won Roanoke Invitational 

cross country 


Luke Wolverton and Mohammed Yousuf stride to' the front of the pack at the conference champfbnsliip 

,' f r 

Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 

mens soccer team ranked 17th in the nation 

>head coach: coach Roy Gordon 

>assistant coaches: Mike Webb and Daiid Lausten 

>team members: Elliot Jones, Teddy Barry, Nick Kelley, 

David Rodriguez, Ryan TaibI, Stefan Melone, Chris Dolan, 

Ryan Snyder, Tommy Park, Sam Schaefer, Lee Clement, 

Tommy DiNuzzo, Luke Hostetter, Scott Hoffman, Glenn 

Gray, Justin Weirich, Matt Lawrey, Tait Keenan, Michael 

Johnson, Vincent Kooijman, Bryan Harsrove, Peter Toohey, 

Darien Rusgles, Greg Savage, Emmet Rutkowski, Joe Young. 

>season finished with a 14-5 overall record 

>team members RyanTaibI, Glenn Gray, and Tommy Parke 

named all regional-soccer team 
> soccer team tops at the CAC semfinals against St. Mary s 

the men s soccer team defeated Salisbury 3-2 

anoUier victory^or umw with a score of 7-1 


mens soccer 

Hannah Pearson takes on an opponent 

Michelle Esch 


eat sonft 

women s soccer keeps on kickins through CAC ^f^ 

>coach: veteran Eagles coach Kurt Glaeser %0^ 
>assitant coaches: Mark Bjornsen, Cory Hewson 

>team members: 24 

>overall: 5-10-2 

>conference: 3-3-1 

>captain: Margaret Vaccaro 

>Mar3aret Vaccaro named to 2006 All-Capital Athletic 

Conference Women's Soccer Team First selection 

>Vac€sro also named to D3Kicks»com s All Mid-Atlantic 

Region soccer team 


r- "^ 



women s soccer 


- /T-^^ 

f J 

-rf^-T £ff? 

^i ^^^ 


--.# ;y:.r-^,^#^:.--y:-^^^ .IP^^^-'lil, "■••", ^ii^^ 

'*' •^' 


Ashley Addis ^ ^3fci 

set, dpiKe 

ill r'^I^Krat^c Ol \A#innina e^acnnc* ^^^^ 

UMW Volleyball celebrates 21 winnins seasons: 

>coach: Dee Conway who helped the team reach 359 wins 

under her guidance 

>team members: 8 

>new tennis complex opened: fail 2005 

>doubles pair (senior Paul Bristow and freshman Randy 

Loden) captured the ITA Regional Doubles title 

>Loden and Bristow placed seventh at ITA Small College 

Nationals. Bristow also ranked #14 in singles, nationwide 



Jennifer Wasar 

women's rusby team wins Division II state 


>coach: Eagles' coach Kris Kabza 

>team members: 41 

>UMWs Women s Rugby Club was established in 1985 

>lea3ue wins: Radford (74-0), Longwood (30-5), University of 

Richmond (34-0), VCU (10-5), American University (15-5) 

>Virginia Rugby Union games: 

Semifinals: win against VCU (46-0) 

Finals: win against University of Richmond (39-0) 

>8 state championship titles in Division 11 

*photos by Mike Harrington 






women s rusby 

pre-game warm-up 


• J 



^H^ ^^K^^L 

Sarah Bosworth 


a history of fun 

>coach: Matthew Shaw 

>team members: 37 

>president: Mike Moscarelli 

>vice president: Kyle Haran 

> match secretary: Steve Briel 

>treasurer: Justin Christan 

>recruitin3 chair: Chris Redder 

>dominated VMI 58-24 

>compete in Virsinia state tournament 

# v.- ....:;: ;^ 






* ■■■.■■ 


■ --^'^ ' 






men s rugoy 

pumpkin carving for team-t|uildin3 

Jenna Calautti 


UMW Field Hockey Team Enjoys a 12-7 Record 
Durins the Fall 2006 Season 

Head Coach: Dana Hall 

Number of Team Members: 27 

Team Captains: Katherine Brown, Jena Elliot, and Lauren Allen 

I would have to say that my most memorable moment of the 

season would be when we beat Catholic during regular season play 

because they beat us last year and we came out on top this 

season. " - Maureen McGee 

"This season has proven how important teamwork is, rather than just 

individual effort. We worked together in pressure situations, and 

althous' ^ "^e did not come out on top each time, we grew from 

every experience. - Amy Santella 


♦1 ^ 




freshman Drew Taccone 

Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 


men s and women s swimming won 2007 CAC Championship, 
sending seven women and one man to NCAA Championships 

>coach: Matt Kinney 

>assistant coaches: Jay Beck, Ben Graboyes 

>women s team members: Elizabeth Aldrich, Amy Carlson, Mallory Cruise, 

Lorena de laGarza, Patricia Dilger, Laura Graesser, Maureen Greenlee, 

Amanda Kautz, Ally Kight, Abby Koch, Kristen LaCoe, Sarah Lindberg, 

Lindsay McClelland, Erin McCracken, Kelsea Natoli, Andrea Nealon, Mikey 

Pride, Michelle Sawyer, Melanie Stone, Bridget Travers, Sarah Wilcox, Caitlin 


>men's team members: Justin Anderson, Eric Barnaba, Austin Cobb, Matt 

DeMarr, Brian Donohue, Jason McCormack, Luke Moss, Dale Parker, Jason 

Philpot, Cameron Rice, Craig Rossman, Colin Smith, Kennard Smith, Peter 

Sturke, Drew Taccone, Ben Uscinski 

>Mallory Cruise, Tricia Dilger, Amy Carlson, and Maureen Greenlee broke 

women s 200 medley relay CAC record and senior Tricia Dilger broke CAC 

record by a second and a half at Seahawk Invitational in Maryland 

>Dale Parker won 2007 CAC men s swimmer of the year 

>Laura Graesser won CAC women s rookie of the year 

>head coach Matt Kinney won women s CAC Coach of the Year 

freshman Amanda Kautz 



Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 

n and Alex Kraf cneK ▲ ^^ 

she's qS 


>coach: Deena Applebury 

>assistant: Casey Mummah 

>team members: Kaitllln Sharp, Sarah Flanagan, Debbie 

Bruen, Leigh Kampman, Katie Clarkin, Brooke Davies, 

Ashley Reed, Ashton Mitchell, Katy Larson, Amanda 

Bates, Erica Lowe, Lisa Tracy, Liz Hickey 
>junior Liz Hickey named Preseason All-American by 


>juniors Liz Hickey and Debbie Bruen named 

Kodak/WBCA Honorable Mention All-Americans 

>coach Deena Applebury named Russelll/WBCA Regional 

Coach of the Year 

>coach Deena Applebury, Juniors Liz Hickey and Debbie 

Bruen recognized by D3Hoopsxom with All-Region 




women s basketball 




Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 


neadcoacn: RooWood ^^^ ^^m 
stant coach: Dan Bairely gjjjgjgi 


>team members: Matt Hale, AJ. Fitzgerald, Mike Lee, Justin Baker, 

Michael Fumal, Kiennan Whitworth, Billy Mitchell, Kevin Kitching, Eric 

Pearson, Ben Stokes, Jon Pierce, Ben Oliven, Matt Treacy 

>Ea3les won the first 6 games of the season for the first time in program 


>Won Pizza Hut Tipoff Tournament 

>Made school record of 18 three point baskets in one game 

>Justin Baker named Tournament Most Valuable Player 

>Juniour Jon Pierce named All-Tournament Selection 


sophmore guard Matt Hale scored a team 
high of 18 points against York College 


Ml s basketball 




Sree Chellappan and Alex Krafchek 

UMW Women s Lacrosse Tops CAC Semifinals 14-5 

> head coach: Dana Hall 

>assitant coach: Mike Miller 

>team members: Meredith Deitrick, Helena Polites, 

Brittany Bulter, Brittney Whisenant, Emily Talbot, Caitlin 

Erickson, Margaret Murray, Liz Conway, Julia Durkin, 

Stephanie Hearn, Jaci Marshall, Kaitlyn Barker, Amie 

Bruce, Kate Lyons, Ann Wisloski, Sarah Finney, Sarah 

Pierson, Ashley Scutari, Noelle Turbitt, Sarah Kersey, 

Kristen Roscoe, Julia Milner, Emily Gallugi, Cally Myhrum, 

Meashan O Leary, Emily Miller, Kate Tarr 

>team ranked 1 2th in US lacrosse preseason national poll 

hosted the first round of the NCAA tournament 




women s lacrosse 

senior Kaitlyn Barker 


..- • 



Jiit^i^^-— 3BBi 




f' "^^ 4^0^^ 

i • 



\ ■ 



P J 



■MMHMfe^' , 

%, ^ 



^ ' I 


Barbara Ailstock 

and th^ 


mens' lacrosse rack up the points 

>coach: Head Curt Glaeser 
>team members: 38 
> 1 1 8 Goals made 


Keith Sweeney goes head to head with competition 

men s lacrosse 

Sree Chellappan & Alex Krafchek ^^^ 

in the swiiQ[ 



>team members: Natalia Fusate, Caitlin Graybill, Priscilla 

Jamison, Steplianie Kurti, Katlierine Malpeli, Katie Mislin, 

Rebecca Morse-Karzen, Stacey Rickard, Danika Robison, 

Amy Sheetz 

>coach: Pat Catullo 

>assistant coach: Art Canizares 

>sophmore Stephanie Kurti named CAC women's tennis 

player of the year 

>freshman Danika Robison named CAC rookie of the year 

>head coach Pat Catullo named CAC coach of the year 

>f inished the season with a record of 22-3 


women s tennis 

rebecca morse-karzen 





Gracie Hart 


the men s tennis team pounds the clay 

>coach: veteran Eagles coach Todd Helbling 

>team members: Jon Pollack, John James, Randy Loden, 

Jason Dunn, Govinda Avasarala, Zach McGonigal, Zach 

Detweiler, Evan Goff, JJ. Proffitt, Zach Sasser, Eric 

Sundstrom, Eddie Carver 

>new tennis complex opened: fall 2005 

>the #14 men s tennis team beat Salisbury to v/in their 

eight straight CAC championship 6-3 ensuring that the 

team would make a trip to the NCAA tournament 

>this CAC y/in marks the 13th CAC win in league history 

>made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament 

before fallingto #7 Trinity 
>closed the season with a record of 22-9 

^ ^ 

sophomore John James 

men s tennis 

Sean O Neill and Mo Yousuf at the Battleground Relays (photo: JT Newcomb) 

give VH^ 

Madeleine Hawks 

UMW track team turns practice into performance 

in a bis way 

>coach: David Soper; assistant coaches: Greg Greven, Ryan Bayne, 

Karyn McCready & Marcus Tepaske 

>women s team members: 20; men s team members: 24 

>women s captains: Carly Hambley, Megan Linn & Julia Rothlisberser; 

men s captains: Tommy Fay, Justin German, Justin Kirk & Sean O Neill 

> The most amazing story of the season was the women s team capturing 

their 14th consecutive CAC championship, and they did so with the 

greatest TEAM effort and the most inspiring performances Ive ever 

seen in 27 years of coaching! - Coach Soper 

>Megan Linn broke the Hammer record with 142 1 on March 30 

> i'-'- f^arrott broke the Pole Vault record with 10'8.75 on March 17 

> Sean d roke the 800m record with a race of 1:54.72 on April 21 



track and field 



Jamie Clevenser 




Barbara Ailstock 

Ready to 

Softball Team sports new players and a great 


>coach: Head Coach Dee Conway 

>team members: 18 

>The pair of seniors - shortstop Erin rantz and pitcher 

Abbey Wineland - led the Eagles to 27 victories, just one 

shy of the school record 







-^'/ ^ 


■^ . 


Barbara Ailstock 

ana you i^ 

UMW s Fitzgerald Named CAC Player of the year; 
Four Named to All-CAC Baseball Teams 

>UMW Baseball Head Coach Tom Sheridan 

>team members: 34 
>Players receive hard earned recognition 




■ ' ' 

' t * , » 




Sarah Bosworth 


UMW equestrian team 

>coach: Kcri Pillins 

>team members: 18 

>practices held at Hazelwild Farm, five miles from campus 

>varsity team has eight major shows 

>members represent all skill levels in riding 



photo: Betsy Bouton 

>UMW dedicated their fleet of boats and named them for a 

significant person in the evolution of the program 

> Head Coach: Philip Schmehl 

>Assistant Coaches: Becky Schmehl & Annemarie Mulholland 

>31 team members 
>Men's Varsity Four: 1st at Mid Atlantic Championships at 


>Women's Varsity Eight: rank 12th in the nation (poll by Collegiate 

Rowing Coaches Association); 1 st at Mid Atlantic Division III 

Rowing Championship Regatta 
>Julie Milam, Ellen Ostrow, and Sebastian Watt received Varsity 

All-Region Honors 

>Callen Erdeky received Novice All-Region status 

>Kelley Tice Or) selected as a Collegiate Rowing Coaches 

Association first team All-America selection for the second 

straight year 





' ^ 

Cassandra Ratti 

members of the cheerleadins squad faithfully 
attend sporting events to provide support and 
lead fans in cheering on the home team 

30 te^ 

tttins up pyramids durins a home basketball same 






'* ^£^^^ ^ J ** . viC\p=fe.=s«— 


teams battle it out in front of Combs 

Gracie Hart 



nrmtfrl all oirl t^Amc anri Katfl^H l^^^l 

>residence halls formed all girl teams and battled 
it out in a Powderpuff football tournament 

>held March 31, 2007 

>teams were coached by males 

>put on annually by Hall Council 



Gracie Hart 


!^en s team pictures 






Gracie Hart 



>all team photos by Clint Often 






5 « lO ' 1 






^ - 

-, *, 

15 ^^^^ 

1- 7 


^;:f ; 

■ -^ :') 

\ — " ' 



"'fa "IT 


%-^ ^ 


^ ^' "' ^= 

-^^ _i" 

^^^^^"^^^ Volleybi 

all ■ 

^^^^^ -^^ 


'~ — ' 




women s team pictures 


a likeness of a per 
the face, that is creaiea oy 
example; a verbal picture or 
description, especially of a pe 



a sroup of persons, as employees, charsed with carrying out the work 
of an establishment or executing some undertaking; something that 
supports or sustains 


Laurie Abeel Ernest Ackermann Nabil Al-Tikriti David Ambuel Linda Ameen 

Mehdi Aminrazavi Karen Anewalt Deena Applebury Pam Arnold Virginia Asliley 

Janet Asper Bulent Ataiay Wendy Atwell-Vasey Brian Baker 

Erma Baker 

Elizabeth Baker James Bales Robert Barr Rosemary Barra Antonio Barrenechea 

Kevin ^^rtram Michael Bass Mary Becelia David Berreth Anna Billingsley 


faculty & staff 

Porter Blakemore Dawn Bowen Sallie Braxton Meta Braymer Gail Brooks 

Adrienne Brovero Jami Bryan Karen Burrell Salvin Burton Patricia Buske-Zainal 

David Cain Edward Callaway Ian Campbell Jane Cariker Claire Carson 


Joanna Catron Linda Catullo Alejandro Yuan-Jen Chiang Ana Chichester 

Bernard Chirco Tracy Citeroni 

AAannins Collier Deborah Conway 


Rosalyn Cooperman Mary Corbin 

Leah Cox 

Amanda Craddock William Crawley 

Carole Ann Creque Timothy Crippen Judith Crissman Janet Cropp Richard Curley 

Jean Dabb 

Kim Davenport Frederick Davenport Jason Davidson Stephen Davies 

Patricia Dean 

Galen DeGraff Suzanne Deleon Cathy Derecki Mark Deremer 

Elizabeth Desi Joseph DiBella Andrew Dolby Brooke Donaldson Joseph Dreiss 


faculty & staff 


Robert Ducharme Brady Earnhart Jeffrey Edmunds Robert Ekey 

Natalie Ellis 

Rebecca Elswick Claudia Emerson Beverly Epps Mindy Erchull Thomas Fallace 

Lawrence Fallon Stephen Farnsworth Susan Fernsebner Claudia Ferrell /Aartha Pickett 

Victor Fingerhut Joyce Finnerty-Lewis Christofer Foss Erin Fouberg 

R. Leigh Frackelton Jr. 

William Frawley Daniel Friedheim Stephen Fuller Edward Gable Keith Gagnon 


James Gaines 

Stephen Gallik 

Carole Garmon Douglas Gately Jane Gatewood 

Leanna Giancarlo Judy Ginter 

Kurt Glaeser 

Evelyne Godfrey James Goehring 

Roy Gordon 



Roy Gratz 

Stephen Griffin 

Alan Griffith 

Dana Hall 

Lynn Hamilton 

Steve Hampton Stephen Hanna 

Bradley Hansen Debra Harber 

James Harding 

Steven Harris Rebecca Hayes 


^^culty & staff 

Joseph Haynes Jodie Hayob Alan Heffner Edward Hesgrnann J. Todd Helblins 

Randall Helmstutler Alison Hieber Julie Hodge Jessamy Hoffmann Doug Holcombe 

Charity Hooper Suzanne Houff Liane Houghtalin Helen Housley Charlotte Houtchens 

Margaret Huber Carter Hudgins Donna Hudgins India Hughes David Hunt 


Richard Hurley Debra Hydorn Jennifer Jakubecy Jason James David Jarreil 


Amy Jessee 

Gary Johnson Sabrina Johnson Christina Kalava Teresa Kennedy 

Joella Kiilian 

Michael Kiilian Christopher Kilmartin George King III Matthew Kinney 

Ben Kisila 

Jeanie Kline 

Lori Klopp 

Susan Knick 

David Kolar 

Janusz Konieczny Amy Kuipers 

Elizabeth Larus J. Larry Lehman Elizabeth Lewis 

Lynn Lewis 

Robert Liebau 

Miriam Liss 

Katherine Lister Jessica Locke 


'^cultySt staff 


David Long Eric Lorentzen Pamela Lowery Dee Lycett 

Jolin MacDonald Bruce MacEwen Kennetit MacChande John Maclsaac Jennifer Mailloux 

Teresa Mannix Kristin Marsli Mary Betii Mattiews 

Maya Mathur 

Susan Mans 

Marie McAllister Christine McBride Venitta McCall Jeffrey McClurken Kevin McCluskey 

Jay McGhee 


George Meadows Christopher Medley 


Matthew Mejia 

Keith Mellinser 

Margaret Mi 

Nina Mil<halevsky Maria Mira 

Jill Mitten 

Margaret Mock Thomas Moeller Allyson Moerman Krystyn Moon 

John Morello 

Sherry Morgan Brown Morton III Louise Morton Christopher Musick 

Nicole Myers 

Craig Naylor 

Kavatus Newell Timothy Newman Joseph Nicolas 

Lorene Nickel 

Vera Niebuhr Denis Nissim-Sabat Lynn Norfleet Patricia Norwood 

faculty* staff 



Bruce O Brien Marjorie Och Deborah O Dell Timothy O Donnell 

Clinton Often 

Kolawole Olaiya Joan Olson lima Overman Smita Oxford Judith Parker 

Carolyn Parsons Melina Patterson John Pearce Richard Pearce Larry Penwell 

Perkins Zvezdan Petkovic Lester Phares Sarah Pierson Angela Pitts 

Lor! Plants Jennifer Polack Christine Porter Allyson Poska Scott Powers 


Daniel Preston L.aurie Preston Christie Pugti Donald Rallis P. Anand Roa 

Margaret Ray Lee Ann Reaser David Rettinger Xavier Ricliardson Marcia Riesser 

Mary Rigsby Warren Rochelle Antoinette Rogers Lynn Roles Joseph Romero 

Marcel Rotter Farhang Rouhani Jeffery Rountree Cedric Rucker Larissa Ruuskanen 

Robert Rycroft Mark Safferstone Jose Sainz Douglas Sanford Mara Scanlon 


f acuity* staff 

Holly Schiffrin Debra Schleef Philip Schmehl Federico Schneider JoAnn Schrass 

Raymond Scott Crystal Sehike Charles Sharpless Marie Sheckels Thomas Sheridan 

Ranjit Singh Ronald Singleton Kelli Slunt 

Constance Smith Patricia Smith 

S. Smith 

Roy Smith Cynthia Snyder Thomas Somma Stan Soper 

Meena Srinivasan Stephen Stageberg Philip Stamper Gary Stanton Debra Steckler 


S. Stevenson Maureen Stinser Roy Strohl 

Gress Stull Priscilla Sullivan 

Nancy Thompson 

Rita Thompson Linda Thorton Abbie Tomba Arthur Tracy 

Raymond Tuttle 

Jo Tyler Helen Vanderland Craig Vasey 

Ameeta Vashee 

Brenda Vogel Shara Voisard Barbara Wagar Tim Waltonen Stephen Watkins 


f'^culty* staff 

Lawrence Webb Inez Wehrii Roy Weinestock Louise Welch AAarie Wellington 

Charles Whipkey Fred Whitman Werner Wieland Martin Wilder Danielle Wiiderman 

Deborah Zies 


Matthew Wilkerson Joni Wilson John Wiltenmuth Rodrick Wood Grant Woodwell 

Dale Wright Harold Wright Melissa Yakabouski Esther Yook Marsha Zaidman 



fsrst year 


average birth year 


+ Chinese zodiac year of the 


+ The Legsr-* ^' "'"■-'^ released 

for Nintendo in North America. 

+ The 200th anniversary of the 

Umited States ■ is 

celebrated across the country. 

+ mal<es its debut in the 

United States. 

+ World population reached 5 

b ... 


+ January 21 - Ian Garvey, 

Pokemon Leasue Champion 

+March 9 - Bow Wow, American 


+March 10 - Kristin Cavallari, 

cast member of MTV's Lasuna 

Beach: The Real Orange County 

+April 11 - Joss Sto r:, English 


+April 19 - Maria Sharapova, 

Russian tennis player 

+September 28 - ilary Duff, 

American actress and singer 


+February 22 - Andy Warhol, 

American artist, director, writer 

(b. 1928) 

+March 28 - Maria von Trapp, 

Austrian singer (b. 1905) 

+June 22 - Fred Astaire, 

American actor and dancer (b. 



Barbara Ailstock Hasina Akhter Kristine Alger Dahlia Ali Henry Allinsham Marissa Allison 

Scott Altman Matthew Amrod Casey Anderson Justin Anderson Melissa Anderson Shealyn Anderson 

Stephanie Andreucci Kwaku Aning Gayle Armentrout Christopher Armes David Arvelo Nicholas Athans 

Michael Axton Emily Azzara Jennie Babadilla William Backus Amber Bacskocky Danielle Badke 

William Bailey Justin Ball Michael Ballard Lucas Baranyk Louise Barden Michelle Barila 

Kelly BariiJ Benjamin Bartel Elizabeth Barton Rita Beale Lindsey Bechtold Nancy Bechtold 


class of 2010 

Christina Becker Natassya Bedos Heather Beegie Emilie Begin Gianni Bellini Daniel Bendele 

Jane Bender Jordan BenEliyahu Brianne Benelli Yael Benjamin Kristin Bennett Sarah Bergen 

Marie Bergeron Sara Betancurt Jake Bilyew Anna Binder David Bingler Lauren Birney 

Jonathan Blaine Gergory Blevins Rachel Blier Daniel Boettger Anya Bogdanow Michelle Bond 

Christen Booher Andrew Borak Elliot Borman Ellen Boryan Kyle Botkin Brendon Bottle 

Rachel Bottorff William Bowling David Bowman Nathan Boyarsky Will Boyd Caroline Bradley 

Samantha Bradshaw John Braig Stephanie Breijo Ashley Bremerman Emily Brett Andrea Briceno 


Rebecca Brisss Jessamyn Bright Benjamin Brishcar Elizabeth Brock Max Brock Piper Brock 

Caitlin Brooks Patrick Michael Brouilette Brian Brown 


Chelsea Brown Kathryn Brown 

Melissa Brown Michael Brown Alice Bryan Elaine Bryant Laura Buell Jonathan Bullock 

Samantha Bullock Robert Bumsarner Catherine BundrickGuiseppe Buonannata Michael Burgess Thomas Burgess 

William Burns Jessica Buseck 

Brittany Butler Andrei Butterfield Sarah Buttrick Jeffrey Byrd Elisa Caballero Samantha Cabo 

Katelyi 'adoff Bender Caiola Jenna Calautti Kelly Caldwell Samantha Call Kelly Campbell 


class of 2010 

Michael Campbell Augusta Canfleld Sara Cappelletti Erika Caramillo Renee Carignan Kristin Carlino 


John Carlos Sarah Carlson Emma Carone Angela Carrasco Cameron Carroll Amanda Carter 

Caitlin Carter Stephen Carter Matthew Cash Fablola Casillas Paul Cassetta Christopher Castillo 

Elizabeth Caswell Julie Celia Peter Ceo 

Lauren Chacko Moreblessings 


Ching Chan 

Courtney Chaplin Emma Chayefsky Ranithra Chelliah Amanda Chenault Daniel Chichester Allyson Childress 


Michelle Chiles Soohye Cho Omio Chowdhury Ashlee Chudanov Lara Chudoba Samantha Church 

Lauren Cisek Emory Clark Susannah Clark lleana Claudio Nicole Claus Emma Clay 


Lee Clement Britteny Clements Kendall Cloeter Daniel Coats Ebony Cobbs Caitlin Cohen 

Carter Cole Genevieve Coleman John Coleman Sarah Coleman Drew Colliatie John Colligan 

Claire Copps Lauren Corbett Edv/ard Corrin Emily Corso Matthew Cover Molly Coward 

Emily Crawford Ansela Creasey Allison Crerie Ellen Crocker Virsinia Crouch Kasey Crowder 

Stephanie Crowe Luke Cumberland Mae Cummings Angela Cuneo Clara Curran Casey Custer 

Kristirs 'citler Jennifer Cutrona Kara Cutrona Kristen Degradi Caitlin Dail Jennifer Dandridge 


class of 20f0 

Siobhan Dannaher Thomas Darron Janice Daul Kristin Davidson Taylor Davidson AAatthew Davies 

Alyssa Davis Bailey Davis John Davis Devin Day 

Alexander Dearth Alexander 


Mia DeJesus Matthew DeMarr Sarah Denby Susan Denley Shreya DeSai Katherine Despagni 

Dionne DeTouche Zachary Detweiler Joseph Devar Ruth Dhanaraj Anthony DiFilippo AAichael Dillon 

Eleanora Dimas Kaitlin Dinan Adji Diop Samantha DiPaola Allison DiPippa Sarah Dister 

Neil Dixit Hayley Dodd Albert Dodd-Henze Brian Donohue Kristen Dontje Christopher Dowd 

Matthew Doyle Kyle Dratwa Kathleen Dray Molly Driggers Domlnik Dropik Lauren Duhaime 


Charles Duke 

Miles Dumville 

Todd Duncan Jeremy Dutkosk! Melissa Eads Zachary Eaton 

Kelsey Edwardes Elyse Edwards Jenny Eikenberg Mirey Ellas Aisha Elkheshin Andrew Elliott 

Kristen Eno Christine Enos Sarah Erath Callen Erdeky Michelle Esch Nicholas Espinosa 

Ryan Eustance Thomas Eutsler V/illiam Evans Christopher Faciane Megan Falkenberry Pablo Parkas 

John Fehrman Stephen Feinberg Daniel Feldman Raquel Ferriera Michael Ferrera Mariana Ferro 

Katherine Figura Alyssa Finchum Morgan Fine Nathan Finney Ryan Fisher Katherine Fitzgerald 

Garrett Fix Sarah Flake Jessica Focht Emily Forch Ashley Ford Thomas Ford 


class of 2010 


Kathleen Franke Kyle Frederick Brooke Frieiins Jessica Friswell Michael Fumai Meryl Gabeler 

James Gallagher David Galloway Maria Gannett Joshua Gannon Venessa Gardner Chelsea Garfield 

James Garman John Gaskill Jami Gatewood Berkley Gause Kristin Gauta Kirk George 

Kristen Georgia Jennifer Gerardi Ashley Gerczak Daniel Gerhart Christina Giaimo Marianthi Gianulis 

Roberta Giardi Connie Gibbons Kelli Gibson 

Katherine Giles Michael Gionfriddo Christopher 


Gamze Girgin Erin Glennon Andrew Godburn Sean Goetz Evan Goff Jennifer Golden 


Miranda Goldston Gemma Gonzales Kennan Goodman Jennifer Gorham Elizabetli Gormley Rowan Gough 

Christoplier Gouiait Laura Graesser Talaya Grant Katherine Grasso Hillary Graves Anna Greeley 

Sean Green Virsinia Green Patricia Greene Mereditli Greenwell Lynn Greer Heatlier Greider 

Jacqueline Griffin Van Griffin Paul Grisss Alina Grobicki Samuel GrosecloseMattiiew Guckenberg 

Anna Guilotte Linda Guinn Erica Gustavson Sadie Hagberg Megan Haines Amanda Hall 

Jessica Hall Megan Hall Lawrence Halliburton Sandra Hambidge Schli Hamidi Caitlin Hammelman 

Jeffrey Hancock Kelly Hannon George Harmer Michael Harte Jeffrey Hartman Zuzana Hasmanova 


class of 2uTo 

Amanda Merideth Hedberg 


Megan Heid Matthew Heimlich Jennifer Heinrich Kerstin Heinze 

Ashley Henderson Melissa Henderson Maureen Hennessy Kathryn Henry Christopher Herbert Paris Herman 


Cesar Hernandez Kathleen Heron Meghan Hickey Lauren Hicks Megan Higgins Abigail Hill 

Brandon Hill Donna Hill Robert Hill Ashley Hincke Nicole Hodges Leia Hodgkin 

Scott Hoffman Mary Holbrook Gwendolyn Michael Hollister Kathryn Hollowell Megann Holmes 


Rebekah Honaker Jessica Hoppe Sarah Hornberger Catherine Housley David Howard Mary Hudgins 


Timothy Huff Jean Hufford Karen Hughes Waqas Humayon Katherine Hummelt Dana Hunt 

Tuan Huynh Courtney lannello Veronika Indrakova Dennis Irizarry Jordan Irving Michael Isaacson 

Casey Jackson Matthew Jacobs Priscilla Jamison Charles Jefferson Kendra Jenkins Natasa Jeremic 

Nattaya Jitrithan Christopher Johnson Courtney Johnson Daniel Johnson Marcia Johnson Robert Johnson 

Stephanie Jones Hyun Joo Sarah Joseph Aristides Julius 


Surya Kant 

Christopher Karas Steven Karkos Laurel Karl Daniel Kauffman Edgar Kauffman Sandra Kaus 

class of 20To 

Amanda Kautz Liam Keating Christopher Keen Natalie Keen Kristen Kelleher Megan Keller 

Karen Kelley Nicholas Kelley Brion Kelly Christine Kelly Erin Kelly Joseph Kelly 

Sarah Kersey Anna Key 

Kelly Key Sean Keyser Rgizlaine Khayari Jessica Kidder 


Joseph Kim Juliana Kim Min Kim Kayla Kimbrew Virginia Kinniburgh Meredith Kinscherf 

Melissa Kirby Kevin Kitching Ryan Klein Arik Knapp Katherine Knopf Gregory Kollar 

Brittany Korngage Brandin Krempasky Katherine Krueger Kayla Kuhn Lauren Kurzik Benjamin Kutz 

Rebecca Kutzer-Rice Samira Lahud Dana Lam Talya Langbaum Meredith Langer Matthew Lanouette 


Leah Lantzy Anselica Lattimore Mary Laverty Sarah Lawless Amber Lawson Anselika LeBeau 

Shannon Ledbury Andrew Lee Daniel Lee Kyeong Lee Meredith Lee Rachel Lee 

Tara Lescault Laurence LeSueur Matthew Leuthy Jacqueline Levine Cory Levitt Nicholas Lewis 

Rebecca L'Heureux Peter Libero David Liffers Daniel Lockbaum Douglas Lockwood Megan Long 

Bryan Lundin Micah Lurie Anne Lutkenhaus Dana Maas Ryan MacDonald Andrew MacKay 

Erin M kereth Mary Magdycz Kendal Magnoli Jillian Maier Michael Makin Lauren Malick 


Jonathan Mann Candice Manning James Martin Daniel Mascher Emily Masielio Rachel Mason 

Nathan Masters Kate Matta Kerry Matthews Katherine Matusik Mary /Aaultsby Katherine Mayer 

W JJll 

Nicole Mazarakis Elizabeth McAuliffe John McAvoy Kelly McCain Dejurne McCall Kathleen McCauley 

Patrick McCleary Molly McCluskey Jason McCormack Erin McCracken Luke McCullock Tyler McDonnell 

Melissa McDonough Tara McFarland Colin McGlynn Emily McGraw Katie McGraw Janna McGruddy 

Ann McHale Natalie McLarty Audrey McMath Mary McMillen Kahia McSherry Melissa McTernan 

Arianna McWarren Kyle Meagher Martin Meaney Daniel Megibow Emma Mehrabi Jennifer Menge 


Stephanie Mercurio Mallory Meredith Michelle Mersner Melissa Merritt Thomas Metesh Lara Meyer 


Jared Meyers Krysta Michael David Miller Devon Miller Elizabeth Miller 

Jodi Miller Brandon Millsaps Karolyn Milton Edward Minniear Seth Mintzer Devin Mitchell 

Jacob Mitchell Kerry Mitchell Erik Monterosso Pietro Montorfani Victoria Moody Lura Moomau 

Chelsea Moore David Moore Claudia Morales Sylvia Moran Thomas Moran Christopher Morawetz 

Lindsay Morgan Paul Morris Mark Morrison Ryan Motyka Eman Moushtaha Kelly Moxley 

Matth Mueda Erin Mueller Marium Mujahid Kellie Mullarkey Claire Mulrey Eric Munsen 


class Of 20'ro 

Christine Murden Daniel Murphy Kacey Murphy Keisey Murphy MacKenzie Murphy Charles Murray 

Courtney Myhrum Alessandra Naich Kristofer Nance Jessie Hash Philippa Hash Omri Nassau 

Stacey Nathan Henna Nawab Kate Nazworth Bethany Helson Sarah Heumann Chelsea Hewman 

Brett Nicl<ley Vincent Noori Allison Norreil Kagan Nuss Lauren Oakley Kathryn O Connor 

Sarah Odom Kelly O'Donnell Erin O'Donovan Sheriff Olaleken Kimberly Olinger Benjamin Oliven 

Jon Olsen Teresa O'Meara Caitlin Oshida Sean O Sullivan Juliana Otto Meghan Otto 

Randall Overland Alison Palmer Allison Palmer Brendan Palmer Stephanie Palmer Matthew Pares 


Caitlin Paris Natalie Parl< Kenneth Parl<er Sarah Parker Kathryn Parvin Raphael Pasquale 

Emily Patterson Jacob Pattyson Gwen Paulson Megan Paulson Jessica Paulus Mary Pawlina 

Michael Perdue Joseph Perron Gregory Perrow Evan Perry Mavis Perry Viclcie Perry 

Gergory Pesce Danielle Peters Lee Peters Sarah Peters Stephanie Petrelis Kaitlin Petrella 

Theodore Petrocci Laura Petrozza Tina Pettus Nina Pfeiffer Christine Pham Scott Phelps 

Collee. ckett David Pierandri Emily Pierce Emily Pierson Jessica Pike Laura Pilati 

class of 20T0 

James Plainer Yana Podorovskaya Rebecca Pomerantz Frank Poole Jonathan Poole 

Elizabeth Poremba Abbey Potter Fernanda Prates Melissa Presti Molly Principe Elizabeth Pringle 

BW k^ 

i . V 

Ebony Puller Jonathan Putty Kimberly Quarforth Dorsey Quarles Samantha Querry Dale Race 

Moin Rahman Jessica Raiford Elizabeth Ramsey Jennifer Ramsey Landon Randolph Katherine Rawls 

Andrew Reed Ashley Reed David Reichert Jeremy Reid Devlin Reiley Nathaniel Rhoad 

Gina Rhodes Emily Ritchie Sara Rittelmeyer William Rivers Samantha Rizzi Megan Roadley 

Harrison Roberts Julia Robinson Danika Robinson Stephanie Rocha Elizabeth Rock Kaitlin Rodriguez 



Catherine Roets Andrew Rogers Shayla Roland Kristen Romano Jenna Rooney Lyndsay Root 

Moly Rose Renee Rosser Lauren Rottman Charlotte Rowell Alexandra Ruddock Shawn Rudolph 

Jennifer Ruhnke Michael Ryan Michelle Ryder Hana Salih Cameron Sands Priscila Saraiva 

Zachary Sasser Kristen Saxer Lindsay Schabert Jordan Schaeufele Ashley Scharf David Schell 

Tianruns Scherer Megan Schleck Cynthia Schmit Mary Schoen Kaitlyn Schury James Schurz 

Diamond Sciequan Kendall Scott Mary Scully Ashley Scutari Lindsay Sekel Chanda Sewell 

Katelyn Shank Rebecca Shapiro Anne Sharp Stephen Sharp Franklin Sheffield Jacob Shepherd 

class of 2i 

Elizabeth Shewark Caitlin Shields Jonathan Shields Douglas Shifflett Andrew Shipman Wjnfleld Shirk 

Michael Shook Eugene Shults Christina Simon Samantha Simonds Alexander Simpkins Gitanjali Singh 

Chans Sirolly Sharon Skipper Sean Slattery Allison Sleeman Caitlin Smith Colin Smith 

Daniel Smith Isabel Smith Megan Smith Michael Smith Philip Smith 

Sarah Smith Annastasia Snyder Ryan Snyder Jin-Young Song Nicholas Southwell Sarah Speicher 

Avian Spiller Anne Spillman Franklyn Stanfield Andrej Stare Sarah Stark Thomas Steck 

Deon Steele Shannon Steffens Eric Steigleder Oliver Stein Brittany Stele Logan Stephenson 


Cassandra Stewart Craig Stewart Katherine Stinson Melanie Stockier Gregory Stodola Allison Stokes 

Benjamin Stokes Shawn Stone Jennifer Storey Maureen Stracke Alyse Strauch Julia Sullivan 

Leah Sumner Andrew Sutton Anna Swann Elizabeth Swauger Chelsea Swisher Karen Sybyl 

Andrew Taccone Ryan TaibI 

John Talley Adrienne Taylor Samuel Sewit Tesfamichael 


Alexa Thompson Allyson Thompson David Thompson Joshua Thompson Robert Thompson Robert Thornton J 

Andrea Thurston Megan Tisdelle Kathryn Titus Christian Tompkins Peter Toohey Cynthia Toomey 

Angeic. arnello Marta Torres-Rivera Bridget Travers Piers Trickett Astrid Trued Chelsey Truesdell 

21 Q 

class of 20T0 

Siu Tsui Christopher Tucker Elisabeth Tufano Elinor Tuhy Hoelle Turbitt wjiiard Upshaw 

Marcel Urbansi<i Fernanda Uzuelll Jared Valliere Caitlin Vance Tyler VanderMeer Joy Vandevender 

Eric Vann Lizbeth Vargas Wendy Velasco Rocio Velasquez Nicole Vera Rachel vetterlein 

Joshua Villeneuve Joseph Vosti Kyle Wadkins Mary Wagoner Joseph Wahle Allison Walker 

Flora Wallace Jessica Wallace Kristen Walleck Sabina Wallerstedt Molly Walter Monica WaHon 

Deborah Wanless Stephanie Warren Kathleen Watson David Watts Jason Weaver Elijah Webb 

Casey Weed Jannelle Weedon Justin Weirich Alexandra Weishar Alan Welbom Denise Wenglewski 


Brittney Whisenant Paul Whitaker David Whitman Jonathan Wissinton Peter Will<ens Mary Wilkerson 

SeanWilless Sarah Williams Matthew Williard Ellyn Willis Andrea Wilson Catherine Wilson 

Kari Wilson Taja Winston Alexis Witthoft Carl Wohletz Eric Wolterding Hart Wood 

Courtney Woodburn Andrew Worm Bonnie Wright Thomas Wright William Wright Catelin Wrigley 

Jennifer Xie Ebru Yagiz Amanda Yannopoulos Caitlyn Yantis Amanda Yates Kyle Yolles 

Sunnan Yoon Ha-Youny Youn Brian Young David Young Pamela Young Shaunna Young 

Mohamrt 'suf Clemon Yueh Lisa Zanzarella Jessica Zeitz Yarin Zimmermann Mary Zolp 


class oT2o1a 

ttephanie Zumkeller 


second year 


average birth year 

+ Chinese zodiac year of th 
+ Space Shuttle is 

launched with the first 
Hispanic-American astronaut^ 
Franklin Chang-Diaz. 
+The first federal Martin Lut» 
Kins Day, honoring Martin Lu 
King Jr., is observed^ 
+January 21 - ?i! Hug 

D is first observed. 
+January 28 - STS-51-L: Space 
Shuttle Challenger disintegrates 73 
seconds after launch, killing the 
crew of 6 astronauts and 
schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. 
+The is reopened 

to the public after an extensive 


+January 24 - Mischa Barton, 
British-born American actress 
+June 13 - 

, American actresses and 

+July 2 - Lindsay Lohan, American 
actress and singer 


+February 24 - , 

Canadian politician and Father of 
Medicare in Canada (b. 1904) 
+March 6 - Georgia O Keef f c, 
American artist (b. 1887) 
+August 2 - , American 

lawyer and anti-Communist (b. 


Bradley Adams Minji Ahn Allison Aldrich Eric Alonzi Jedidiah Althouse Emely Amaya 

Laurel Ameen Briana Amoroso Edward Anderson Mary Anderson Katherine Andree Gina Andreucci 

Stephen Andrews Katherine Annulli Kiama Anthony Faith App Meaghan Archibald David Arcidicono 

Katherine Arnold Danica Ashby Kathryn Ashinhurst Kristin Astley Scott Atkins Justin Atkinson 

Adam Auckland Alicia Austin Katherine Ayers Elizabeth Babcock Sara Bahraini Stephen Bailey 

Elizabeth Bair Erin Baldwin Brian Bales Sarah Ball Alyssa Ballentine Daniel Bamford 

Gannon Sarah Barat Elizabeth Barch Jessica Barefoot Eric Barnaba Christopher Barnes 


class oT 2009 

Kenneth Barnes Theodore Barry Robert Bass Emily Bassarear Abigail Bates AAark Bauer 

Eric Baxter Margaret Beckner Bonnie Belew Jessica Bellah Esmeralda Beltran Andrew Bennett 


Mary Bennett Sara Berkowitz Alyssa Berns Katharine Bertron Kelsey Betz Megan Betz 

Kunal Bhatia Noreal Bibbons Steven Bintz Emily Bitteker Benjamin Black Elizabeth Blackwel 

Chelsea Blandford Elizaveta Blasser Emily Blease Kimberly Blodgett Alison Bloxom Andrew Boczar 

Bethany BodengravenMary Bodenhamer Elizabeth Bodi Jillian Boivin Meredith Bojarski LaDonna Bond 

Sarah Bond Andrew Borek Shannon Bostrom Sarah Bosworth Bradley Bounds Elizabeth Bouton 


John Bowers Danielle Boyc Marissa Boyce Brynn Boyer Grace Boyers 


Rachel Bradley 

Adam Brezinski Martha Brians Christina Brindley Christopher Brietich Jillian Brodie Caren Broslie 

Catarina Brokaw Melissa Brokaw Ronald Brooks Samuel Brown Sean Brown Judy Bryan 

Krista Buchanan Joseph Buckingham John Budd Ashley Bull Samantha Bunker Meghan Burdick 

Kathryn Bywaters Elisabeth Campbell Loy Campbell Molly Campbell Tiffany Cann Matthew Cannon 

Kim Cac Sara Cardoza Gina Carey Kerry Carfagno Caitlin Cariker Melisa Carll 


class or 2009 

Meaghan Carlson Raquela Carlson Brian Carome Joseph Carroll 


Rachel Carter Ashley Cartwrlght 

Edward Carver Chris Cassetta Juanita Casson Catherine CastleberryAndrew Catherwood Kristin Cauf leld 

Bradley Cavedo Karen Cawthon Brenda Cessna Calvin Chan Courtney Chapman Katie Charnetski 

Ian Chavis Anna Cheeseman Sree Chellappan Chris Chen Joseph Chirico Ja-Young Cho 

Jiney Cho Caitlin Christlieb Bernard Chuns Victoria Cira Joseph Circnza Andrew Clark 

Kaitlyn Clarkin Venessa Claverie Kimberly Coats Bradford Cohen James Coleman Lauren Colson 

S. Colvin Beau Comerford Sean Comerford Caitlin Connolly Katherine Connolly Catherine Connor 


7'; ■s,iJ'-:V 
Justin Coppage Andrew Cordova Ashley Coticchio Lyssa Cousineau Rebecca Cowen Elizabeth Crawford 

James Cremins Courtland Crenshaw Darlene Cropp Alexander Cross Mallory Cruise Rebecca Cuffley 

^^V" "o"'!^! ^B^^\ "^ 

■I 9 H i'^ 

Kathryn Cuilla Daniel Culicover Danielle Cunningham Emily Curtis Celeste Cuti Daniel Czajka 

Elaina Davis Katherine Davis Steven Davis Ross Day Amanda DeBord Christian Deegan 

Jessicc leorge Nathaniel Delano Jaclyn DeLoach Mary DeMino Kimberly Dennis Bridget Dettmann 


class of 2009 

Megan Dever Joseph Devine Brittany DeVries Ashley DeWitt 

Colin Deyman Elizabeth Diliberti 

Matthew Diniega Thomas DiNuzzo Anthony DiRenzo Chantal DiSimone Allison Dixon Sharon Dixon 

Courtney Do Ellanora Dodd-Henze Paul Dolan Steven Dominguez Caitlin Donnelly Laura Dorsey 

Kevin Doubleday Tiffany Douglass Brianne Doura Thomas Dowling Amy Doyel Sarah Drabkin 

Jason Driscoll Erin Droms Susan Drummond Arianna Drumond Kimberly Duff Carolyn Duffy 

Sean Duffy Matthew Dugan Sarah Duling Jason Dunn Erika Dunnington Shannon Durkin 

Stephanie DuVal Julie Dymon Daniel Easterling Amy Edmondson Lindsay Edwards Bradley Efford 


Caitlin Eichner Molly Ellis Sarah Ellis Carol Ellison Jessica English Serena Epstein 

Christopher Erdwins Lindsay Erickson Justin Ermler John Eskeland Katelynn Estefani Jack Esworthy 

Jacob Farinholt Ashley Fariss Angelika Farren John Farris Brian Fields Whitney Fields 

Trinity Figueroa Daniel Finn Ephraim Firdyiwek Jessica Firster Bradley Fisher Brenton Fisk 

Peter Emily Fleischhauer William Flemming Cameron Flood 


David Flores Travis Floyd 


Meghan Foley Emily Fornof Kathryn Foster Nicole Foster Elizabeth Frank 

Paul Frankel Sara Frankenfield Sean Freeman Stefani Fries Thomas Fritsch Ellen Fritz 

Christina Fucliecl< Lauren Fuller Brian Fulton Channon Fulton Allison Fusco Jennifer Gallinari 

Emily Gallusi Diana Gallup Moira Garahan Quincey Garcia Amanda Gardner Rebecca Garland 

Christie Gill Avoy Glover Angela Glynn Krystle Goldsworth Caitlyn Gomes Tais Gomez 

Meredith Goode Tashina Gorgone Jessica Graham Nathan Graham Gypsy Grau Caitlin Graybi 

Ashley Green Terrell Green Emma Greene Jacquelyn Greene James Greevy Killian Griffith 


Paul Griffith Wesley Giffitts Stephanie Grimes Rebecca Groman Jessica Groopman Kore Guenzel 

Jillian Guido Neetika Gujral Melissa Hadley Sarah Hasan Jessica Haser Matthew Hale 

Ross Haley Taylor Hall Devon Hamilton Roy Hamilton Jenna Hannigan Yosuf Harden 

Kendall Haring Lauren Harkness Craig Harmon Samantha Harper Sarah Harpine Katelyn Harris 


Whitney Harrod Savannah Harwood Nicole Hashemian Erin Hastings Kathleen Haver Ryan Hayden 

Wesley Hayden Melanie Haydon Courtney Hayes Zane Hayward Daniel Heefner Brian Heffner 

Matthew ^an Morgan Hembree Katherine Hendricks Hannah Hendrix William Henneberg Jacquelin Henrikson 


class of 2009 

Emily Henry Ana Henson Matthew Herr Amanda Herring Lindsey Hershner Jessica Herzos 

Katherine Heskett Mary Hester Eric Hetzer Kathleen Hewitt John Hill Elizabeth Hillsrove 

Jonathan Hlllyard Dustin Hilton Edward Hincewicz Alexander HIrsch Kyle Hitzelberg Chloe Hodson 

Erin Hoesly Cicely Hoffman-Luca Karen Hogan Shannon Hogberg Jodran Holienbeck Kara Holloway 


Sebastian Holmes Jonathan Holt Jaclyn Horn Serena Houghton Marissa Housman Alexander Howel 

Amy Hruska Kelley Hueber Allison Hufford Ashley Hughes Catherine Hull Sarah Hummel 

Savreen Hundal Katie Hunsberger Meredith Hunter Pamela Hurd Lindsey Hurlock Garrett Huson 


Amber Hyatt Wanak Ibrahim Stephanie lero Oceanna Ingram Sarah Isaac Zareen Ismael 

Lorraine Jablonsky Krystal Jackson Whitney Jackson John James Titania Jazynka Bailey Jeffer 

Amy Jeffreys Timothy Jennings Zachary Jensen Angela Johns Kristin Johnson Matthew Johnson 

Maura Johnson Sherlonda Johnson David Johnston Samuel Johnston Zachary Johnston Ashley Jones 

Meghan Judge Kathryn Kaczmar Esanul Kahn Anthony Kalaskas Kevin Kallmyer Maryann Kane 


class of 20< 

Henry Keenan Sarah Kelley Megan Kelly Elizabeth Keltz Patrick Kenney AAatthew Keohan 

Sarah Kernan Bryan Keys Christine Keyserling Joseph Kil<er Jessica Kilday Colleen Kiley 

Brittany Killian Kathleen Kilmain Kristin King Jessica Klaas Stephen Klaus Jonna Knappenberger 

James Koch 


Jaeun Koo Callie Kosmatka Karleen Kovalcik Abisail Kowalski 

Carl Kreidinger Joanna Krenich Stephanie Kulakowski Patricia Kuny Stephanie Kurti Michael Kurtz 

John Lady Amie Lajoie Hannah Lake Roger Lamb Clelia LaMonica Kelly Landau 

Alia Lanewala Amy Lange Trevor Langston Danielle Lapidus Daniel Lapin Kthryn Larson 


Kathryn Lasdow Renee Lasnier Zachary Lauenstein John Lavinus Megan Lawhorne Ashley Lawrence 

Thanhyen Le Sydney Ledger Marie Leftwich Jessica Lehman Amanda Leich Ann Leins 

Kara Lenlceit Christopher Lentz Brian Leon Lisa Leung 

Jiyeon Lim Victoria Lightcap 

^Hl^-C:-^ Ij^^l 


Alexis Linder Mary Linnell Randy Loden Julie Longpre William Loring Roseanna Loucks 

Amanda Loving Stefani Lovley Samantha Ludwig Erika Luera Stephen Lupsha Allison Luthern 

Madeline Lyerly Andrew Lynch Peter Lytle Mitchell MacDonald Meredith MacDowell Amanda Mackay 

Caitlin ay Danielle Marie Madagan Matthew Magruder Joshua Mallaber Rachel Malone 



Laura Mandeville Valerie Maniscaico Kelsey Mansmann Jessica Marcev Kayla Mariani Sophie Marchal-Anne 

Twm ] « /if* mmuL 

Jennifer Marietta Anthony Marino Mary Marl<ano James Marquisee 

Sean Marren Brett Marsh 

Daniel Marsh Jacqueline Marshall Christopher Martin Jason Martin Kelly Martin Carolyn AAarut 

David Mascatello Julie Mathers Molly Mathusa Kristin Mattern Edward Mattimoe Amberle Matthews 

Kaitlyn Maurer Christopher Mayer Kelly McAdow Elizabeth McCarthy Laura McCarthy Meghan McCauley 

Ryan McCubbin Robert McCullough Anna McDevitt Brady McDonald Lauren McDonald Megan McDonough 

Ashley McElwee Scott McGillicuddy Zachary McGonigal Brian McGrath Constance McGraw Jenna McKee 


Travis McKee Garrett McMahon Nicole McManarnon Conor McMullen Walter McMurtry John McNeil 

Tomothy Mena Brian Menszyk Joseph Merkel Caitlin Messinser Joyce Metzler Caria Meyerhoeffer 

Benjamin Miller Charles Miller Emily Miller John Miller William Miller Peter Millikin 

Auntumn Millslagle 

Julia Milner Jana Minchoff 

5SP1 i,ffaiSSlS! 

Kendra Mingo Gregory Minutillo Casey Mitchell 

4 I 

Latrisha Mitchell Lindsey Mitchell Ellen Mittmann Erica Mokry Rebecca Mongold Megan Montgomery 


Courtney i.U;^--s David Moore Sarah Moore Jonathan Morin Emily Morris Peter Morrison 

class or 20i 

Rebecca Haley Moss Anuarite Mubangu Alexandra Mueller Bryan Mull Mia Mullane 


Diana Muncaciu Joseph Mundy Nicholas Mundy Julia Munzert Kaitlin Murphy Paul Murray 

Lauren Murrey Maureen Murtash Pamela Muscher Rachel Nash Andrea Nealon Debash Hegash 

Nicholas Nelson Nicolete Nelson Robert Nelson Sarah Nelson Rachael Newcomb Jacqueline Newman 

Olivia Newman Jennie Nguyen Amanda Nisson Elizabeth Noel Steven Noel Zachary Norkus 

Sheila M. Nowrouz Irene Ntiako Emily Nunez Patrick O Boyle Kelly O Brien 


Sean O Brien Katherine O ConnorChristopher O Donnell Kelly O Halloran Johannah O Keefe Katherine O Lcary 


Lauren O Neil Alexandra O Neil Lauren Odderstol Steven Okun Kathleen Oliver Samantha Oliver 

Iris Onks Katie Ontko Melissa Ontko Lauren Orsini Joseph Oschrin Stephanie Oswald 

Justin Owens Renee Pacheco Samantha Packard Michelle Paley Davia Palley Katie Palmer 

Katharin Pappas Jonathan Parker Stephanie Parks Hannah Parsons Julianne Part Patricia Pastor 

Kathryn Patchett Jonathan Patterson Daphne Patsalosawis Sarah Payne Rachele Pellesrini Anita Perrow 

Steven Perkins Courtney Peteet Bradford Peterson Casey Pherson Jana Pickart Christina Piedel 

Stephen Pierce Sarah Pierson Eric Plamp Stacey Plati Kieva Pleas Allison Pluda 

class or 2i 

Tod Podlesni Amy Poklar Helena Polites Shaunique Poole Stephen Portner Emily Potosky 

Matthew Potter Bryan Powers Casey Powles Chet Pralley Keith Preston Lindsey Prillaman 

Geoffrey Prin Samuel Protich Baker Prulksma Amanda Pullen Kristin Pytko Softhia Qamar 

Bryan Quintana Sara Jovana Rajacic Elizabeth Ralston Tatiana Ramallo Bridget Ramirez 


Crisanto Ramirez Remington Rand Marie Randolph Alexander 


Aliza Reed Erin Reid 

Alexandra Reigle Regina Reyes Caroline Rezendes Katelyn Rice Mara Rice Aaron Richardson 

Eva Richardson Paris Richardson Sarah Richardson Stacey Rickard Casey Ridion John Rigglcman 


Cassidy Rinsler Millicent Roane Lisa Roberts Sandra Roberts Thomas Roberts Elisabeth Robey 

Bryant Robins Kathryn Robinson Matthew Robinson Tamara Robinson Tyler Robinson Stefanie Roche 

Matthew Rock Margaret Rockwell Peter Roden Dvid Rodriguez David Rogers Brandi Rollins 

Andrew Roman All Roozitalab Aryn Rosner Leah Rosser Rebecca Rossi Tyler Rossworn 

Darien Ruggles Bridget Ruotolo Benjamin Runyon Jonathan Saadeh Emily Sack Ana Saldana 

Amy Santella 


Jason Sargent Kathryn Saunders Dasha Schaffer Meagan Scheer 

class of 20i 

Jason Scheyder Nicholas Schierer Rose Schirle Michael Schmidt James Schneider Julia Schranck 

(atherine Schryver Luke Schwaner Alexandria Schweiger Andrea Scott Diana Scott Elizabeth Scott 

Leighton Scott Lindsey Scott Guiletta Scovel Ross Serino Christina Sess Catherine Seve 

Daniel Seymour Amanda Shackelford Samuel Shaefer Lauren Shaffer Kacie Shantz Lauren Shaw 

Jordan Shealey Jason Sheely 

Amy Sheetz William Sheild Melissa Shperd John Sheridan 

Leila Shiekhy Jessica Shifflett Thomas Shoup Amanda Shumaker Lauren Shumate Lindsay Shute 

Ashley Siebenaler Sylvia Sierra Samuel Sietsma Shana Silver Rebecca Silverstein Charmaine Simon 


Christopher Simonin Meghan Sincfair Katrina Singleton Christopher Sions Kimberly Slyabecker Benjamin Smith 

Deidre Smith Derricl< Smith Emma Smith Heather Smith Jason Smith Jessica Smith 

Kelley Smith Nathaniel Smith Walter Smith Andrew Smolcer David Sneddon David Sneliings 

Patrick Snellings Emily Snyder Jessica Sok Matthew Sparks Stephanie Sparrow Andrew Spencer 

Monica Spencer Nina Spengler Sara Sproule Rebecca St. Clair Steven Staiti Jonathan Stallings 






Cassandra Stanley Dallas Stapleton Ashley Still Parker Stnson Melanie Stone Sierra Stoney 

Amanda Stowell Gloria Straight Laura Strehle Nathan Strobel Katie Strong Michael Stroud 

class of 2009 

Cory Struble David Stubbs Anastasie Sullivan Betliany Sullivan Holly Sullivan Laura Summers 

Eric Sundstrom Courtney Suttle Michelle Swagler Anil<a Swartz Rachel Swineford Irene Swltzer 

Stephen Taber Amanda Tanner Melanie Tarosky Kathryn Tarr Kenneth Tate Amanda Taub 

Bryant Taylor Jenny Taylor Kelsey Teeters Farrah Tel< Christopher Tev/ Julia Thalen 

Brian Thaler Jessica Themak Mandy Thompson Matthew Thompson Mesan Thompson Matthew Thorsen 

Meredthis Tice Sarah Tishe Elizabeth TIschbin Bonita Tompkins Mallic Toth Nga Iran 

Matthew Treacy Jonathan Trenary Grace Trigger Sarah Trimble Hannah Tripp Jennifer Trotter 


Michael Uhle Lidia Varsas-Claros Laura Veckerelli Brianna Vega Rosemary Velasquez Alisson Veldhuis 

Jonathan Verrilli Sean Vetter Mark Victorson Lauren Villiva Nicholas Vittorio Kyle Vogel 

Marijka Vosburgh Katherine Vrobel Jessica Waldman Diana Waldmire Elisa Walker Montgomery Walker 

Amanda Walkins Timothy Walsh Felicia Wang-Chen Christine Wang Jason Ward David Ware 

Richard Ware Michael Warlick Denise Sebastian Watt 


Ellen Watts Thomas Weart 

Elizabeth Weaver Jordan Webb Maria Webb Alison Weckstein Lauren Weidenmuller Natalie Weiner 


class Of 2009 

Alexandra Wellcr Carly Wells Andrew Welsh Nathaniel Werner Derek Wheaton Patrick whelan 

Deborah Whetzel Kathleen Whitcomb Benjamin White Katherine White Kathryn White Margaret White 

Rachel White Craig Whitesell Jennifer Whiteside Kiernan Whitworth Sarah Wilcox Zane wijcox 

Nathan Wildt Sheena Will<ins Laurie Williams Rachel Williams Stephanie Williams Brian Wilson 

Heather Wilson Arthur Wilton Chia-Lin Winchester Mae-Lan Winchester Margaret Wingerd Bethany Wolfe 

Thomas Wolfe Patricia Wolfrcy William Wolven Marilyn Woody Jacqueline Workman Travis Woznick 

Jessica Wrenn Jacqueline Wright Quinton Wright Alexander Wurzel Christine Wuebker Kelly Wuyscik 


Katherine Wyatt Jessica Yearry Joseph Young Kira Zannoni Scott Zarges Rachel Zeiler 

Samantha Zoller Eric Zupl<o 


class or2()09 


third year 


average birth year 


+declared International Youth 

Year by the United Nations. 

+chinese zodiac year of the ot 

+U.S. President Ronald Reagan 

sworn in for a second term in 


+tlie first Bacic to the Future fl 

is released 

+South Africa ends its ban on 

interracial marriages. 

+Famous S^oute 06 is officially 


+The Nintendo Entertainment 

System is released on US shores. 

+Microsoft Corporation releases 

the first version of Windows, 

Windows 1.0. 

+The Ford Taurus is revealed to 

the public. 


+March 26 - Keira Knightley, 

English actress 

+July 2 - Ashley Tisdale, 

American actress 

+October 25 - Ciara, American 


+November 8 - Jack Osbourne, 

English actor 

+December 5 - Frankie Muniz, 

American actor 


+October 1 - E.B. White, 
American writer (b. 1899) 
+October 10 - Orson Welles, 
American film director (b. 1915) 



Kendall Adier Emily Akers Nedzad Aksalic Elizabeth Aldrich Elizabeth Albrecht Seble Alemayehu 

X V 

Amanda Allen Lauren Alloway Ashley Allmond Lilian Ancalle Brian Anderson Shelby Anderson 

Christine Andrews Katherine Antalics Casey Angel Gretchen Apgar Christina Aponte Isabel Arellano 

Gabriela Arellano Gurjeet Arneja Richard Arnold David Arnett Philip Arnone Claire Ascetta 

Raymond Babbie Carrie Babcock Adrianna Backhus Scott Baca Christopher Badolato Keshia Bagby 

Brittney Baker Erin Bailey Jerry Baker David Baker John Baker Amy Baldwin 


class orsOOB 


Jessica Baldwin Stephanie Baldwin Elizabeth Baldys John Ball Elizabeth Baks Parul Baluja 

Molly Barber Bailee Bannan Sarah Barbour Chenai Barnes Nathan Barnes Jeffrey Barnes 

Amanda Bates Nichole Basham Lauren Bates Tiffany Batterton Joseph Bayliss Marsaret Bauman 

Daniel Baynham Jessica Beavers Anne Beare Erin Beddingfield Lisa Beeman Morgan Bek 

Jonathan Bell Lauren Bell Alexander Bemish Simcha Benami Kristen Bcnitez Amy Benjamin 

Deron Bennett Elizabeth Bennett Jordan Berg Ross Berge Jeffrey Bergcmann Joseph Berger 


Rachel Bernstein Joseph Bersack Jennifer Beville Sabah Bhatnasar Shannon Bibb James Biddle 

Jewel Bissonnette Melissa Bjorklund Christopher Bitzer Kevin Blaemire Owen Blandford Gary Blevins 

Jeromy Blonsky Jeremy Bloom Christopher Blouin Kathryn Boatner Miklos Bodnar Andrew Bohn 

Nelson Bond Elena Bono Krystal Bopp Lindsay Bothwell Tracy Botzer Elizabeth Bourret 

Erika Boward Hope Bowers Kristin Bowman Juliann Boyles Michael Boysen Rachel Brackbill 

Matthew Bradshaw Kyle Brassard Evan Braunstein Lillian Braxton Brittany Breisch Holly Breivik 

Amanda Bresko Patrick Brilley Katy Brink Amanda Brown Billy Brown Cathy Brown 


class Of 2008 

Charles Brown George Brown Heather Brown Samuel Brown Tasha Brown Amie Bruce 

Steven Bruen Vanessa Brumfleld Bradford Buck Peter Bugenhagen Andrew Burse Amanda Burks 

Bryant Burnett Anne-Marie Burpo Laura Burry Weldon Burt Kerri Buscaglia James Bush 

Aimee Bushman Kaitlyn Butler Dana Byrd Graham Cairnes Deidre Calanese Matthew Caler 

Kerri Calif ano Vanessa Callahan Faith Calleson Ryan Caltabiano Daniela Campbell Marcy Campbe 

Crystalline Capone Dana Capps Iva Capps Michael Carey Anna Carew Cassandra Carlton 

Justin Carrico Molly Carroll Timothy Carroll Ian Case LeighAnn Caulkins Melanie Chandler 


Samuel Chang Stephanie Chapa Vanessa Chapin Alex Chapman Christine Chapman Emily Chappell 

Timothy Chappell Kristofer Chester Elizabeth Chirico Emily Church Justin Christian Kim Ciappetta 

Jillian Clare Christopher Clark Cynthia Clark Jane Clark JoAnna Clark Kathryn Clark 

Kelsey Clark Emma Clarkson Stella Clarkson Meghan Clay Greg Clayton Thomas Cleary 

Jamie Clevenger John Clifford Abby Clift Brittany Clift Anna Cloeter Sean Clore 

Marie Coates Austin Cobb Sarah Cobler Caitlin Cogsins Rebecca Cohen Sarah Cokeley 

Carleen Cole Sarah Cole Patrick Collins Shannon Comstock Mary Conrad Jamie Cook 


class of 2008 

Elizabeth Conway Ian Cooper Jenna Cooper Jeremy Cooper Patrick Corcoran Michael CoreJeaux 

Allyson Corea Roger Corker Lisa Cornwell Sean Corron Kerri Corsano Ryan Corvetti 

Lindsey Cossrove Olivia Cothren Sandra Cotter Stacy Coupe Samantha Cowan Katelyn Cowen 

Jennifer Cox Tyler Cox Meghan Coyle Samuel Craig Benjamin Cramer Victoria Crawicy 

Jeremy Cucco Olivia Cucco Kerri Curran Karin Curtis Laura Curzi Raven Custalow 

Christine Cwalina Bradley Cypher Peter Czapiewski Emmanuel Dabney Jessica Dalrymple Catherine Dan>eron 




Danielle D'Antona Christopher Darder David Daube Trevor Daubenspeck Jennifer Davis Landon Davis 

Ryan Davis Samantha Davis Noelle Davoy Anna Deaton Cathleen Debelius Heather Decot 

Grace Deem Alyssa Deguzman Meredith Deitrick Stephanie Delano Jerzan Deigado Paul Dempsey 

Wei Deng Graham Deurance Mallory Deutsch Kathryn DeVivi Tristan Diaz Daniel Dickert 

Derek Dijkerman Mary Dillane Diane Ditko Bettina Do Llena Doeppe Sarah Donnelly 


Sean Donoho Shaun Donovan Michael Dooley Melanie Dougherty Kevin Douglas Elizabeth Dov/ney 

Matthew Downs Andrew Drake Krista Dray Nicole Drumwright James Drury Mary Duckett 

class ofacfTO 

Christopher Dudley Jennifer Dudley Garrett Dulln Rebecca Duncan Heather Dunn Julia Durkin 

Robert Durrette Satnantha Duvall Brian Dymon Gregory Early Colleen Earp Angel Ebbole 

Thomas Echols Anna Edelman Krystal Eldred-Rieman Anna Elias William Ella AAary Eillis 

Sarah Ellis Matthew Elliott Kathryn Elvey Abraham Erickson Caitlin Erickson Denise Erickson 

Sharon Fair Sarah Falk Melissa Falkenstern Deborah Farnell Diana Farrar Thomas Farrell 

Thomas Fay Andy Federspiel Kristin Feickert Amy Feigenbaum Erin Ferguson Stephen Ferguson 


Ellen Ferrante Amanda Fetter Francesca Fiaminso Samantha Fields Rossana Flnegan Sarah Finney 

Thomson Fisher Stephen Fintel Eric Fitzgerald Sarah Flanagan Mary Flanigen Kristin Flannery 

Scott Fletcher Christina Ford Loretta Forey Carl Fosnaugh Sarah Frakes Theresa Framinan 

Anne Francis Jennifer Frank Kaitlin Frankle Jennifer Franklin Jennifer Frazier Audrey Freeman 

Michael Freimuth Christopher French Kelly Fridenstine Mark Friedman Monica Fritz-Manolio Natalia Fugate 

Rachel Fuhrken Kristofer Fulks Deena Furry Tabitha Futrell Kevin Galinat Matthew Gallo 



Jason Gandy Christ! Garcia David Garcia Sarah Gardner Kaitlyn Gardy Amy Garrett 

class of 2 

rimothy Gensimore Anne Gerlach Justin German Robyn Giannini Jacob Gibson Dana Gilbert 

Atif Gill Katiileen Gillen Miciielle Gilliam Fenwicl< Gilroy Erin Gintlier Dooter GIre 

Justin Glass Sean Glatzer David Glover Jessica Goctiman Valerie Goddard Daniel Gohike 

Caitlin Goldman Susan Goldstein Robert Golike Sarali Goodrum Caitlin Gordon Gretchen Gorecki 

Timothy Gorman Marissa Govoni Rebecca Graham Ryan Graham Terry Grant William Gray 

Deborah Greczek Katherine Greene Christi Greenwell Matthew Greer Mary Greiner Meshan Griffin 


Emily Griffith Megan Grisorian Shane Grizzle Drew Gruber Sarah Gundle Kelly Gunn 

Anne Gunsten Laura Guthrie Ana Gutierrez Ashley Gwaltney Brendan Haserty William Hailstone 

Edward Hall Mary Hall Bethany Halliday Nicole Halloran Sean Halpin Clifford Hamaker 

Carly Hambley Timothy Hamby Ashley Hamilton Fredericka Hamilton James Hamm Hannah Hammack 

Davis Hand Holly Harben Samantha HardestyOaniel Hardesty-Dyck Hannah Hardinge Kelley Hardgrove 


Deborah Harpe Paul Harper Danielle Harr Lydia Harris Mahaley Harris Gillian Harrison 

Robert Harrison John Hart Rebecca Hartley Ashley Hartman Nathan Hartman Lauren Harvey 

class oTaO' 

Nadia Hashimee Ashley Haskell Jessica Hatter Stephanie Haven William Hawk Theresa Hawkey 

Madeleine Hawks Stephanie Hayden Thomas Hayden Elizabeth Hayes Heather Haynes Sarah Healy 

Amanda Heard Stephanie Hearn Lauren Hefty Rebecca Helsley Amalia Hendarsin Molly Hendricks 

Alma Herbert Emily Hermes Sarah Herzog Elizabeth Hickey Kathryn Hickman Lauren Hicks 

Kathleen Caitlin Hissins David Highlander Ainsley Hilburn 

Hig ginbotha m 

Amanda Hill Cassandra Hi 

Quintalis Hill Delia Hinn Amanda Hitchings Ashley Hobbs Alfreda Hodges Carol Hoechst 

Jennifer Hoell Allison Hoffman Andrew Hoffman Lauren Hogge Jennifer Hoguc Whitney Hokomb 


Eric Holscher Erin Hopl<ins Tanima Hoque Amanda Horn Mattliew Home Christen Horton 

Wesley Hough Alexis Hovanesian Emilee Howard Brittaney Hubble Keri Hudson Robert Hudson 

Elizabeth Huff Elizabeth Hufford Noah Virginia Hunt Adriana Hurtado Katherine Husband 


Anna Hutchinson David Hydorn Roxanne ibinson Adriana llarraza Jason Istvan Alan Ivey 

Richard Jackolski Ashley Jacob Kirk Jacobson Ryan Jacobson Sydney Jagelski Sylvia Jahn 

Jeffrey James Jessica Jamison Rachel Janes Nancy Jansen Charlotta Jarborg Latera Jenkins 

Sarah Jenkins Joanna Jensen 

class of 20i 

Ho Jeon 

Samantha Jessee Alexander Jivotovski Tamar 


Allison Johnson Alyssa Johnson Audrey Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Hina Johnson Sarah Johnson 

Stefanie Johnson Thomas Johnson Amy Jones Diane Jones Henry Jones Kendall Jones 

Jeremy Jordan Lauren Jurgensen Peter Jump Seth Kaas Kathleen Kaelin Thomas Kaiser 

Laigh Kampman Erika Kamptner 

Catherine Kartman Isaac Kassock Zeke Kassock 

Cynthia Keegan Brendan Kelley Laura Kelly Madeline Kelly Kevin Kendall Stanley Kennedy 

Jared Kennel Candace Kent Grace Kerner Tiffany Kerns Melinda Keyser Robert Kielar 

Allyson Kight Marie Kilby Hyeseon Kim Patricia Kim Angela King Andrew King 


Philip Kipperman Maria Kipreos Ashley Kirkham Stephanie Kirpes David Kirtley Benjamin Kissell 

Alexandra Klein Elizabeth Klein Matthew Kleinrock Emma Klemt Ashley Kline Gabor Kmety 

Kathryn Korman Katie Kosack Alexandra Krafchek Greta Krafsis Rebecca Kraushaar Peter Krieg 

Morgan Krug James Kube Constance Kuchinski Kate Kuzmeskus Michelle Labbe Ryan Lacey 

Kristen LaCoe Erin Ladd Janis Lafferty Kirk Lancaster Angele Landries Claire Lanier 

Carl Lawson Julie Lawson Amy Lawson-Stopps Erin Leach-Kernon Kathryn Leboeuf Ahran Lee 

class or 2 

Esther Lee Nancy Lee Sonique Lee Bryan Lees Melissa Leggett Jessica Leiman 

Michael Leon Robert Lesueur Randy Lewis Holly Liming Danielle Linares Sarah Lindt>er3 

iexandra Lindermann Debra Lines Daniel Lipskis Stephan Lipskis Stephanie Litz AAarjorie Locklear 

Jessica Loew Marlysa Lohr Matthew Long Kristen Lonsdorf Karina Lopez Leann Lopez 

Melissa Loveley Kandy Lovelidge Sarah Lovesky Heather Lowe Christopher Lowery Jenny Lowery 

Christopher Lugo Hilary Lufkin Andrew Lynch Amanda MacDonald Katherlne MacEwen Maria A>\aceyko 

Anne Macheel Jessica MacKay Nathan Madison Katherlne Malpell Michael Man Katherine Manch 


Thomas Mann Gwynne Mapes Michelle Mardeusz Conor Marshall John Marshall Sarah Marshall 

Merlda Marston Evelyn Martin Albert Martinez Bradley Matson John Matthews Kevin Matura 

Kathryn Mauro Amanda May Jeffrey May Jonathan May Tierney McAfee Michael McAfee 


Courtney McAllister Emily McAlpine Luke McCleary Lindsay McClelland Sharon McClelland Sarah McClure 

Regina McConnon Rebecca McCrosky Karen McCullough Leah McGann Maureen McGee Leslie McGlothlin 

Christina McGovern Mildred Mclntyre Jessica McKenzie Daniel McLaughlin Eilee McLaughlin Joseph McMahon 

Jennifet >«ichael George McMillan Ashley McNabb Erin McNamara Joseph McQuillen Cassondra McWilliams 

class Of 20 

Lori Meaner David Mears Ramone Memita Tessa Merna Donna Metz Timothy Metz 

Janel Michaelis Katherine Mislin Julie Milam Rachel Millard Colleen Miller David Miller 

Keith Miller Kimberly Miller Machelle Miller Miles Miller Tiffany Miller winfield Miller 

Jordan Millner Kathleen Milloy Bobbi Millsaps Albert Mirzoyan Ashton Mitchell Whitney AAitchell 

Janet Mock Corey Moffatt Paola Mojica Rachelle Moles Deborah Molina Brandle Monroe 

John Montaisne William Montminy Emily Moon Kristen Morals Christina Morgan Katie Morgan 

Terry Morgan Julienne Moring Matthew Morrell Amanda Morris Anthony Morris Sheila Morton 


Christina Moses Micliael Mosley James Moynilian Laura Muessig Eline Mul Erinn Muliisan 

Eril< Murad Kevin Murpliy Megan Murray Edward Myder Sarah Nagy Hannah Neidich 

Ann Nelson Dahlia Nelson Rebecca Nelson Sarah Nelson Katherine Nester John Newcomb 

Jessica Newman Parker Newman Jennifer Newton Eileen Nguyen Johnathan Nguyen Tom Nguyen 

Megan Nicely Jacob Nicolo Emily Nicotera Rachel Niemeyer Eric Norman Natasha Norris 

Sherri Nosar Emily Novak Betty Nuckols Vesica Nunez Amanda Nutt Carine Nzodom 

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class or2i 

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Margaret OToole Joanna Obrochta Nicholas Odhiambo Brian Ogle Christina Osonowski Katherlne Oldhar 

Jcelyn Ollvella Sarah Oliver Paula Olson Jason Opstad Acadia Owen Hunter Owen 

Julia Owens Marija Ozolins Kathleen Pacious Whitney Packett Anil<a Page Wesley Palmer 

lizabeth Papoulakos Karen Paredes Christine Park Garrett Parker Amanda Parsons Jocelyn Parrett 

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Amber Payne Andrea Payne Christian Payne Maria Payne Robert Payne Eric Pearson 


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class or 201 

Isabelle Pryor Daniel Punaro Casey Purcelll George Rabil Ashley Raines Tatiana Ramirez 

Emily Ratzenberser Jennifer Rawlings Virginia Rawls Ashley Reams Kimberly Rector Christopher Redder 




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Christopher Lisa Ricketts Emily Rider Sarah Ridgeway Lauren Rigby Amy Riggs 


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Jolin Wray-Kerr Jason Wriglit Natalie Wright Monica Wu Xiaoxiao Wu Dylan Yaga 

—■ < 
Jennifer Vox iziixvi Zeiders Shelby Zelonis Allen Zhang 

class of 2i 





avc^rage birth year 


+ Chinese zodiac year of the ox 

+ 1985= outhYj' 

United Nations 

+ January 1 - The first British cell 

phone call is made 

+ March 6 - /''ii makes his 

professional debut in Albany, New 


+ June 27 - Rout e 66 is o fficially 


+ October 18 - Nintendo is released 

on US shores 

+ November 20 - Microsoft releases 

Windows 1.0 

+December 1 - The Ford Taurus is 

revealed to the public 


+ February 19 - Haylie Duff, 
American actress and singer 
+March 26 - u^..<. .....^....~,, English 


+ May 2 - Lily Allen, British singer 

+ May 6 - Chris Paul, American 

basketball player 

+ June 19 - Ben Andrews, porn actor 

+ July 2 - Ashley Tisdale, American 



+ October 1 - E.B. White, American 

writer (b. 1899) 

+ October 2 - son, 

American actor (b. 1925) 

+ October 10 - Orson Welles, 

American film director (b. 1915) 

+ November 24 - Big Joe Turner, 

American blues singer (b. 1911) 


Shadieh Abed 

Matthew Adler 

Kenneth Allwine 

■ V .1 





' " 

Carolanne Anderson 

Jenny Argueta 

Larissa Atkinson 

Douglas Axelrod 

Lucas Aylor 

AJison Baker 


class of 2007 

Leah Baker 

David Balbi 

Lucas BaldtTiJ'jn 

Jessica Barbish 

Kaitlyn Barker 

Glenna Barlow 

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^^^^^^m ' 




HIHA ^^^1 



Stephanie Barnes 

Lindsev Bateman 

Natalie Be er 



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.,;/.. J^i^^^^^^^l 


/ KL -j^^^^^^^^^B 







Scott Berry 

Allison Bertsch 

Samantha Blackburn 

Vanessa Blaney 

Daniel Blevins 

Lisa Blumfelder 

" "*" 4 

M ^ 


^*^ '■^^^^^^^^' 

f^ J 


Alexandra Borys 

Kristyn Bothwell 

Alissa Bourbonnais 


class of 20q7 

Stephanie Bowen 

Stacy Boyd 

Patnck Brad-. 

Zachary Branch 

Ellen Brandau 

Kaihenn Brauer 

Justin Bredlau 

Meehan Brennan 

Liani Bricklev 


Julie Brown 

Stephanie Bruce 

Aponi Brunson 

Mary Burrelli 

Katherine Burton 

Kerri Califano 

Michael Campbell 

Katherine Carlucci 

Kanise Carter 

class of 2007 

Chelsea Cartwright 

Marcclla Cavaliaro 

Amanda Ccncrciii 




■ 4^m A 


Rebekah Chambers 

Kelly Chappel 

William Chi 

Allison Chin 

Andrea Christie 

Shanna Chriiiopher 


Mary Clanton 

Rebecca Clark 

Peter Collins 

William Connery 

Mar>' Connolly 

r f'M 

Anne Consroe 



Rebecca Cox 

Sarah D' Antonio 

Marc D'Eredita 

Renee Dalrymple 

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Heather Dollins 

KathTi Donohue 


Veronica Doody 

Jessica Duet 

Lydia Durant 

Meghan Duthie 

Kimiko Ebata 

April Eckel 


Sarah Eckman 

Krista Edelman 

Benjamin Espiritu 


class of 2007 

Kristina Ethridge 

Kiera Evans 

Lauren Evans 


■ ■-■J', 



''"N^.-.i ^^ 

^1 1 

■ • jA 




Lindsay Evans 

Megan Ferguson 

Stephanie Fields 

Melody Fitzgerald 

Elizabeth Flaig 

Alex Fletcher 


Karen Foote 

Amber Forster 

Irene Frankofsky 

Douglas Frew 

Emily Fry 


Carolina Funke\' 

Maria Garcia 

Lauren Gaudette 

Jaclyn Gebbia 

class Of 2007 

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Miranda Gentr\' 

Stephen George 

Denise Glassford 

Bradle^■ Goehe 

"N!...>sa Gonzalez 

Andrew Goodwin 

Allison Gorczowski 

Glenn Gra\ 


Elizabeth Greenlees 

Travis Grilli 

Amanda Grubbs 

Robyn Haaland 

Ehren Habeck 

Meghan Hagerty 

Mary Ann Haggerty 

Megan Haines 

Cory Hall 

class Of 2 

Andrea Hamlen 

Christina Hand 

K>lc Harafi 

Adam Hart 

Dannv Hatch 

Laura Ha:rr.a;% 

Margaret Hawes 

Megan Hayes 

.\llison Hazlen 


Ariadne Hernandez 

Elizabeth Hitchcock 

Christopher Hock 

Joseph HotTmann 

PhiUp Holbrook 

Trillian Hosticka 

Ashley Howell 

Elizabeth Hubbarth 

Alexandra Huddleston 

class of 2007 

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Emma Interlandi 

Tigran Iskanian 

Susannah Jackson 

Allison James 

Farhat Jilalbhoy 

Marie John 


Andrew Jones 

Morgan Jones 

Mary Jordan 

Elizabeth Kaknes 

Paul Kartage 

Photios Katsourakis 

Margaret Kelley 

Colleen Kelly 

Justin Kirk 

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Katharine Kishiyama 

Tempa Klinegores 

Jennifer Knowles 

Kelli Kosciolek 



Natasha Kowalchuk 




Samantha Krause 

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1 V ' 





L ■ 




Kelly Mann 

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• 1 




^ m 

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Meghan Monfett 

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Amber Moore 

Andrew Moore 

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■1. * 














Sarreen Mostofa 

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class of 2i 

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Sarah Murphy 

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Anh N2u\en 



».i..^j^('^ M 


gy^.A M 



^EDSk <-^^^^H 



p' 1 ^^M 

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Emily Weyant 

Sarah Wilcox 

Eric Wilkins 


class or 2007 




Sunny Williams 

Ann Wisloski 

Ashley Wood 

MatthcvN' Woodard 

Daniel Wueste 

Andrew Yoho 

Maria Zucca 


^'litins up here, lookins out at you, I came to the realization that I sat where you are forty-two years 
ago. Which seems almost impossible. My older daughter sat where you are twenty-one years ago. 
And her sister sat there seventeen years ago. And as I thought of what I wanted to share with you 
today, I also realized that my granddaughter Maggie, who is now seven, and her brother Robert, who 
is five, will someday, hopefully, be sitting where you are. And I thought of this particular weekend, 
which is particularly appropriate for you, and at one level I hope you will remember all your lives that 
this weekend, tomorrow, is the four hundredth anniversary of people who believe that their liberty 
came from God, landing at Jamestown. They were literally entering a new world, and so is each of 
you. Because as you move from student to alumni, as your move from focus on learning to focus on 
doing, you too are entering a new world. Hopefully, your entry will be much easier than theirs. Half 
of them had died by September of the year they arrived. And I am confident most of you have much 
longer lives, with much less difficulty than they faced. But there are some underlying truths that are 
important, and I think the truths of citizenship and the truths of life. I want to start with citizenship 
because after all this is Mary Washington, named for the mother of the father of this country, so in a 
sense named for the grandmother of this country. It is significant in ways many of you will not come 
to appreciate for many years. The George Washington was formed in Fredericksburg, if you ever get 
a chance to visit the extraordinary new education center at Mount Vernon, you will see there how 
central to our lives George Washington is. And I think you will come to appreciate even more that on 
your diploma, you will have been associated with his family by having graduated from Mary 
Washington. We stand on his shoulders, because he was the person who insisted on freedom, who 
resigned his position to go back home when he could have become dictator, who was determined to 
lead a private life, but to serve his country. And from him every generation of Americans can learn 
much. In addition, here in Fredericksburg in 1777, Thomas Jefferson came to meet with legislators, 
to draft the Virginia Statute of Religious Liberty - a statute which begins to establish the right to 
conscious, and which begins to establish that America will truly be different from any European 
country. We are the only nation which says that our rights come from our creator, that they are 
inalienable, that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That leads to two 
different things. First, that if each of you, as our Declaration of Independence asserts, is truly 
endowed by God, that each of you is also truly responsible to God. As you lead your life, you have 
an obligation to pursuit happiness - a term by the way which in the Scottish Enlightenment which 
Jefferson took it from, meant the pursuit of virtue and wisdom, not just hedonism in the modern 
sense. And the founding fathers had a clear vision of citizenship, which this college and this 
university have lived up to through the entire history, for what will next year be a hundred years. 
Last year, you were in the top six of all institutions in producing volunteers for the Peace Corps - the 
kind of dedicated citizenship that does in fact make a difference around the world and that does 
represent America at its very best. But the pursuit of happiness goes far beyond your duty as 
citizen, and it occurred to me. I want to share with you very briefly five rules that i evolved over the 
years because when i go out and talk with students much younger than you when I was in Congress, I 
realized they didn't really want to know what Congress did when you're talking to seventh, eighth, 
ninth graders after they get past the fact that at least you are a change of pace and therefore mildly 
interesting, trying to explain how you write a bill was not on their short list. And as I thought about 
what did I learn in my life, what did I learn going out doing many of the things Speak Howell 
described, I realized that it all came down to five basic rules, which I wanted to share with you 
briefly, which I hope some of you will take and apply as you think about where you are going from 
here, what you will do, and who you will become. The first rule, captured I think by some of the 
people who won awards this morning, is to dream big. If you don't have the courage at your age to 
dream big, you won't acquire it at sixty. If you think about all the rest of your life, what could you 
do? Who could you become? And you are not prepared to dream big now; it is much harder to start 
dreaming bij ^hen you are halfway through your life. And the dreams you have can be anything. It's 
not dream bis the sense of building a giant building or becoming President - but dream big in terms 


of a life fully lived, dream big in terms of family, friends, relationships. But second, recognize aimos^ 
in the phrase of Captain John Smith, who finally in despair said "If you don't work, you -. 
to eat," because he had an entire class of leisure gentlemen who were happy to eat but rei .. 
anything. Recognize that if you are going to live out your dream, you are going to work hare. B. i 
want to be clear about this - I have yet to find any successful person in any profession who oets 
there halftime. I find rich people who live off their wealth, I find famous people who live off their 
celebrity status. But people who achieve things, whether it's raising a family - which is a full-time 
commitment, or growing a business, or mastering an academic discipline, or being a good citizen, it 
always requires work. And that requires having to say no to many other things you would like to do. 
And I want to encourage each of you to have the courage to focus on your dreams, to allocate your 
time to living out your life, and to be prepared to pay for that dream in the currency of work. The 
third rule, however, is that you have to learn everyday. I am now sixty-three, I have written a 
substantial number of books, done a fair number of things, and I found myself this morning on the 
way here learning and studying. When I got here I listened to people learning and studying. And I 
would encourage each of your to recognize that the world is so large, life is so rich, there is so much 
around you, that you will never finish learning, unless you have literally died in your mind and ceased 
to be part of life. And so, it is important not just to work hard, but to learn as you work, to learn as 
you live, to ask yourself questions about your life, to ask yourself questions about your friends and 
neighbors. And in a relaxed way to realize that you will be a student all of your life, you will never 
leave studenthood, even if you may get a degree or two in the process. Fourth, you have to enjoy 
life. No one has the discipline to work hard and learn everyday if they hate what they are doing. I 
can't give you any better advice than to suggest that as you try to sort out your path in life, as you 
try to think out what you are doing, feel inside yourself, what truly gets you interested - I'm not 
talking about happy in the shallow sense, but I am talking about what is worth doing so you wake up 
the next day excited about the opportunities you are pursuing, interested in the things you are 
engaged in, fascinated about what is going on around you. If you find yourself deeply bored, if you 
find you have to will yourself to do things, no matter where you are in your career, consider seriously 
rethinking what you re doing. Because to do anything truly well, you have to do it so much that you 
can only do that if you are enjoying it. And so if you dream big, if you've worked hard, if you've 
learned everyday. If you've enjoyed life, I come to a fifth rule, which I would deeply beg each of you 
to take to heart, you have to be true to yourself. In the end, in a free society, we are the sum total 
of our citizens, if our citizens are truly willing to have Integrity, to have honesty, to have courage, 
then the future for America and the American people, is endless. Then you are at the beginning of a 
generation which you will learn more science, create more wealth, expand freedom greater than any 
generation in the history of the human race. But to be that successful, we must have citizens who are 
true to themselves and who have the courage to stand up for the truth as they understand it, without 
regard to convention, without regard to peer pressure, without regard to the applause or the booing 
of the crowd, because great free societies are made up not by one or two large people, that's a 
dictatorship. Great free societies are made up by millions of individuals living lives fully, teaching 
their children how to live their lives fully, and serving as models of citizenship. And so I would close 
with this reminder of a song you sang at the very beginning. The closing line of our National Anthem 
is that "We are the land of the free and the home of the brave". And I would suggest to you that part 
of the lesson you should take from the University of Mary Washington is that her son understood 
fully that if we are to be free, we had to be brave. And that each of you, as a citizen carries that 
same burden and that same obligation as the father of this country. And if you intend someday to 
be out there, with your children and your grandchildren in here, then you owe it to them, as well as to 
your parents and grandparents to live fully a life in which you are seeking the best kind of happiness 

- a happiness of wisdom and virtue, and to be true to yourself because that is the only way to be 
true to America. Thank you and good luck in your careers and your lives as you go on. 

- Newt Ginsrich; Commencement Address to the Class of 2007; May 12, 2007. 


ShadEch Najeh Abed 
Cynthia Diane Abernathy 
Matthew A. Adier 
Dena Eva Adriance 
Humeira Al<bar 
Leila Aksalic 
Molly Ann Albecker 
Susan Ashley Alexander 
Sherri Alexander 
Lauren Fraser Steele Allen 

Ruth Lynn Barnish 
Jeanne L. Barton 
Katharine Louise Bass 
Lindsey Nicole Bateman 
Amanda Mae Bates 
Richard Williams Bates 
Katie C. Bates 
Priscilia Vega Bayes 
Alexandrina Beachboard 
Elizabeth Chandler Beckham 

Katherine Mae Broendel 
Elizabeth Louise Bromley 
Anna Jean Brown 
John Ryan Brown 
Katherine Anne Brown 
Matthew Paul Brown 
Ruth Vanessa Brown 
Julie A. Brown 
Anna Mary Brownfield 
Stephanie A. Bruce 


Jeremy Ryan-Glus Allen 
Martha Lassiter Alley 
Thomas B. Allison 
Andrew Allshouse 
Kenneth Frederick Allwine II 
Ehichoya Amenkhienan 
Carolanne McKay Anderson 
William Seth Anderson III 
Leslie Nadine Anderson 
Christine Virginia Andrews 
Julia Apicella 
Sabrina M. Aponte 
Lesley Jayne Arbona 
Katherine L. Arens 
Angela Jenny Argueta 
Amber B. Arnold 
William H. Ashley 
Dorothy Heiz Atienza 
Larissa C. Atkinson 
Juliet Adobea Awuku-Kwatia 
Deanna Raja Awwad 
Douglas Harmon Axelrod 
Lucas Aylor 
Kevin Andrew Azzam 
Ralph Badette 
Alison Yates Baker 
Jenna Anne Baker 
Leah Marie Baker 
Justin A. Baker 
Carole Baker-Powers 
David Anthony Baibi 
Lucas Randall Balderson 
Jessica Brittiney Baldwin 
Elizabeth Ann Bales 
Drew D. Bambrick 
Rachad A. Barbir 
Jessica Marie Barbish 
Kaitlyn Barry "larker 
Glenna Kathar. Barlow 
Stephanie Lynn nes 



Natalie R. Be er 
Bryan Lewis Beers 
Hanane Benlakbira 
Christina K. Berben 
Jeanne Hallam Bergeron 
Scott Michael Berry 
Allison Louise Bertsch 
Timothy A. Bettendorf 
Sean Ahmed Bhatty 
Emily Jeanne Bird 
Kathryn E. Bjorklund 
Samantha Marie Blackburn 
Vanessa Elizabeth Blaney 
Daniel Roby Blevins 
Lisa Ann Blumfelder 
Andrew C. Bohn 
Christopher R.ichard Bolger 
Brandon David Borkey 
Jennifer Alexandra Bortnowsky 
Alexandra S. Borys 
Kristyn Nicole Brown 
Sebastian L. C. Bouchard 
Alissa Sue-Marie Bourbonnais 
Lindsay Denise Bowden 
Stephanie Marie Bowen 
Virginia Marie Bower 
Marie Maxine Bowie 
Emily Anne Bowman 
Patrick James Brady 
Zachary Parker Branch 
Ellen Frances Brandau 
Victoria Aileen Brandis 
Katheryn Jean Brauer 
Jeremy J. Braz 

Michelle Yvette Breckenridge 
Justin Paul Bredlau 
Meghan Lynn Brennan 
Kristin Elaine Bretz 
Stacy Leigh Brezina 
Liam P. Brickley 
Meredith Louise Brill 
Emily Ann Brimer 
Jesse M. Brink 

Deborah Marie Bruen 

Erik Chen-Yu Bruner-Yang 

Aponi Patrice Brunson 

Melissa Marie Bryce 

Michael Alexander Bulmer 

Carolyn J. Burch 

Katherine Jane Burnell 

Dina Marie Blankenship Burnett 

Elizabeth Marie Burns 

Jesse Lewis Burns 

Michael Marciano Burns 

Mary Lucille Burrelli 

Laura Elizabeth Burry 

Brandon A. Burton 

Katherine Anne Burton 

Katherine Carter Byers 

Sara Elizabeth Byrd 

Bradley Kent Caldwell 

Kerri Ann Califano 

Michael Terrence Campbell 

Enrique Cancel-Vargas 

Jennifer Michelle Canning 

Hinh-Phuong K.y Cao 

Alexander Cardia 

Anna Christine Carew 

Jessica Maerie Carico 

Amy Caroline Carlson 

Katherine Claire Carlucci 

Michele DeSousa Carneiro 

Johanna Carpenter 

Robert John Carrico 

Molly Kathryn Carroll 

Kanise Lynnette Carter 

Alison Nicole Carter 

Chelsea Charlesworth Cartwright 

Adam Michael Cash 

Michael John Cataldo 

Marcella L. Cavallaro 

Sara Rose Cavalli 

Thomas B. Cawley 

Amanda Rita Cenerelli 

Daniel E. Ceo 

Rebekah D. Chambers 

Natalie Anne Criado 

Evelyn Allison Cropp 

Kelley Ann Crum 

Martha Lorena Cruz 

Blair Culbreth 

Laura Jean Culp 

Liam Alexander Curry 

Peter Matthew Czapiewski, Jr. 

Nicholas P. Czekalski 

Renee Marie Dalrymple 

Kathryn Cecelia Donoghue 
Katlyn Laura Donohue 
Veronica N. Doody 
Jenna Clare Doolittle 
Renee Michele Dorminey 
Michael Cody Dove 
Laura Stephanie Dowell 
Justin Eugene Doyle 
Sean Vincent Droms 
Jill Helena Dubbs 

Stephanie Heller Fields 
Darlene Snipes Fi'*!c!' 
John David Fisk 
Alvin Marshelle Fitzgerald U 
Melody Louise Fitzgerald 
Alex Daniel Fletcher 
Sarah Ann Floyd 
Nofertary B. Fofana 
Karen Jane Foote 
Meaghan Nicole Ford 

The Cla// of 2007!!! 

Angela Claire Damiano 

Catherine Elizabeth Dannemiller 

Sarah Elizabeth D Antonio 

Dawn Michele Darby 

Sonal K. Dattani 

David Daube 

Suzanne Davey 

Mary David 

Jacob Daniel Davidson 

Ashley Lee Davis 

Nora Judith Davis 

Corey Lamont Davis 

Linda Amrita Dawson 

Joseph Allen Dean 

Leah Deitrick 

Thomas Antonio del Ninno 

Jeffrey Cole Benny Deli 

Ashley Demander 

John A. DeMartini 

Michael DeMetro 

Brian Thomas Dempsey 

Elizabeth Chase Depczenski 

Marc Thomas D Eredita 

Brady Franklin DeRemer 

Arielle F. DeSoucey 

Kathleen Mary Dettmann 

Wendy Marie Deuell 

Ashleigh DeWitt 

Jessica Dianne De Witt 

Ryan Nicholas Dibeler 

Mary Denise Dickenson 

Laura Hudson Tabler 

William Winsor Dickinson 

Carolyn J. Diehl 

Patricia Anne Dilger 

Marissa Anne Dimino 

Victoria Vy Truong Dinh 

Rachael L. Dobbels 

Sandi Leigh Dodd 

Erika H. Doe 

Benjamin H. Doggett 

Andrew Lawrence Doll 

Heather Michelle Dollins 

Jessica Danielle Duet 
Katherine Tamara Dunn 
Stephen Lester Dunn 
Jason D. Dunne 
Khoanam Duong 
Lydia Jean DuRant 
Julia Marguerite Durkin 
Michael R. Durocher 
Meghan A. Duthie 
Rebecca Grace Dye 
Brean Marie Dyer 
Cortney Elizabeth Easley 
Andrew Kirwan Eaton 
Kimiko Cristen Ebata 
April Marie Eckel 
Sarah Josephine Eckman 
Krista Marie Edelman 
Taylor Lauren Edwards 
Amber Jean Edwards 
Jena Leigh Elliott 
Megan Rea Elliott 
Joanna Emerson 
Elspeth Alma England 
Tiffany Renea English 
Mauricio Escalante 
Steven J. Esperon 
Benjamin David Espiritu 
Kristina Marie Ethridge 
Kiera Evans 
Lauren Elizabeth Evans 
Lindsay Nicole Evans 
Maureen Ann Everly 
Susan K. Ewen 
Lane Marie Eyestone 
Tifsihit Ezra 

Jessie Therese Faller-Parrett 
Broughan M. Fanning 
Matthew R. Farley 
Randall Edward Farren 
Kyle Maxwell Faulkner 
Jessica Anne Feldman 
Megan Paulette Ferguson 
Jennifer Gainor Fey 

Nathan Michael Ford 
Laura B. Forrester 
Amber Christine Forster 
James Andrew Foster 
Katherine Valentine Fountain 
Jessica Lynn Frank 
Irene R. Frankofsky 
Christina Eunhee Fravel 
Mallory Ann Frazier 
Douglas Alan Frew 
Jaime L. Friedel 
Russell Aaron Friedell 
Mark Samuel Friedman 
Emily Rebecca Fry 
Josephine Ting-Shang Fu 
Shin Fujiyama 
Marie Catherine Funk 
Carolina P. Funkey 
John J. A. Furner 
Meghan Kathleen Gallagher 
Sarah Katherine Gallagher 
Claudia Gallardo Lopez 
Brittney M. Garcia 
Maria del Carmen Garcia 
Paul David Gates 
Elizabeth Jean Gatewood 
Lauren P. Gaudette 
Kelli Nicole Gearhart 
Jaclyn Marie Gebbia 
Nathan Weston Geer 
Jane K.enworthy Geisler 
Alissa Nicole Genovese 
Miranda Morgan Gentry 
Stephen w. George 
Barbara Ann George 
Elizabeth A. Gerbcr 
Sarah Elizabeth Gibney 
Christopher Michael Glass^ Jr. 
Denise M. Glassford 
Sean J. Glatzer 
Elizabeth Megan Gobie 


Claire L. Godschalk 
Bradley Goehe 
Mason Leigh Goldman 
Andrew William Gonyo 
Melissa Maria Laura Gonzalez 
Andrew Munro Goodwin 
Allison Anne Gorczowski 
Emily Ann Ryan Graffum 
Casandra Lynn Graham 
Glenn Carver Gray 

Jessica Lynn Wilkerson 
Mario James Harvey 
Danny Brad Hatch 
Robert Maurice Hathaway 
Laura K.athleen Hatmaker 
Margaret Gregory Hawes 
Colin Edward Alexander Hawkins 
Elizabeth Christine Hayes 
Megan Therese Hayes 
Joshua Franklin Haynes 

Carrie Lynn Ingalls 
Emma Kathryn Interlandi 
Tigran Iskanian 
Erica Jackson 
Susannah B. Jackson 
Allison Renee James 
Julie Nicole Jennings 
Andrew J. Jerdonek 
Farhat Jilalbhoy 
Andrea Jimenez 


Andrew Michael Greeley 
Candice Ann Green 
Kerensa M. Green 
Maureen Greenlee 
Elizabeth McKinney Greenlees 
Travis Anthony Grilli 
Steven A. Grillo 
Stephen Daniel Grodek 
Stephanie Danielle Gross 
Amanda Carol Grubbs 
Paul Duncan Gushurst 
Ulises Guzman 
Seung John Soo Ha 
Meredith Lee Haack 
Robyn Michelle Haaland 
Ehren Alexander Habeck 
Meghan Aileen Hagerty 
Mary Ann C. Haggerty 
Megan Elise Haines 
Samuel Mclreson Hale 
Cory Victoria Hall 
Shawn Lavell Hall 
Isaac Van Duzer Halstead 
Michael Bryant Halstead 
Amy E. Hamblet 
Andrea Hamlen 
Laurel D. Hammig 
Allison Elizabeth Hammond 
Christie Glaser Hamrouni 
Christina M. Hand 
Holly Anne Hanks 
Jason Lee Hansen 
Kyle Stephen Haran 
Junko Harbison 
Kimberly C. Hardison 
Catherine Hardy 
Bryan Radic-hi Hargrove 
Michael Jonc ^sn Harris 
Michael Tyler r irris 
Cadwell Luther ; ^'ris 
Adam B. Hart 



Christine Elizabeth Hazelbaker 

Allison Faith Hazlett 

Eugene He 

Stephanie T. Hearn 

Alexander Brian Heavner 

Wynn Yun Heh 

Scott Nathan Helgesen 

Kristen A. Helms 

L. Taylor Hempelman 

Rebecca Rose Henderson 

Cornelius A. Henderson 

Evan Christopher Henry 

Ariadne Velasco Hernandez 

Cassia Renee Herndon 

Elizabeth Lawrence Hertz 

Theresa Renee Hicks 

Jessica Elizabeth Hiland 

Mark Hill 

Katharine Elizabeth Hinckley 

Daniel Fitzhugh Hinkley 

Elizabeth Anne Rucker Hitchcock 

Keely McAtamney Hite 

Allison Payne Hobart 

Christopher David Hock 

Joseph James Hoffmann 

Michele Hofmann 

Erin Marie Hogan 

Philip M. Holbrook 

Bridget Jane Holston 

James R. Horak 

Stacy Olsen Home 

Gail Horton-Larkin 

Trillian Hosticka 

Shawn Parker Hough 

Ashley Marie Howell 

Megan Michelle Hoyt 

Louis Dexter Hubbard ill 

Alexandra Lorraine Huddleston 

Dylan Matthew Hughes 

Robert Franklin Hughes 

Lydia B. Humphries 

Nicholas Raynor Hurwit 

Nancy Mira Hwang 

Marie F. John 

Carlina M. Johnson 

Christopher J. Johnson 

Regina Ambrosia Johnson 

Ryan M. Johnson 

Stefanie Michelle Johnson 

Rebecca Ann Johnson 

Matthew Garry Johnson 

Andrew J. Jones 

Jason Matthew Jones 

Morgan Isaacs Jones 

Richard Scott Jones 

Elliott Marshall Jones 

Min Song Joo 

Caria Yvonne Jordan 

Mary Elizabeth Jordan 

Jennifer Jordan 

Whitney Crowninshield Jordan 

Justin B. Joyce 

Vanessa S. Jung 

Jasmine Marie Junk 

Elizabeth A. Kaknes 

David Sungin Kang 

Paul Aaron Kartage 

Photios George Katsourakis 

Joseph Nathan Katz 

Erin Patricia Keegan 

Margaret Day Kelley 

Colleen V. Kelly 

John Philip Kelly III 

Kevin Frederick Kendall 

Tyler J. Kennedy 

Laura Chesley Kenney 

Sarah Justine Kerns 

Amy Killian 

Prince Louis Kim 

Jeffrey Edward King 

Kerstin Kyle Kirby 

Justin Ray Kirk 

Katharine Ann Kishiyama 

Andrew Harrison Kline 

Tempa Delores Klinegores 

Dawn Marie Knight 

Ryan James Knocke 
Daniel Knorr 
Courtney Leigh Knott 
Jennifer R. Knowles 
Andrew Stephen Koelz 
Hilary Melissa Koon 
Kelli Nicole Koscioiek 
Natasha Lee Kowalchuk 
Paul J. Kozar 
Megan Cecile Kratzer 

Jessica Leigh Lilley 
Amy Dulin Limerick 
Wendy T. Lindner 
Megan Marie Linn 
Hana Theresa Lipowicz 
Jenna Faith Lippin 
Ryan Thomas Little 
Kellijo M. Little 
Lakenna N. Livingston 
Charles Silas Llewellyn IV 

Jessica D. Matthews 
Kristen Camille M^tthc^«". 
Kevin Robert Mat 
Ruth Danielle Maus 
Sarah Katherine Maynard 
Miriam Claire Maynard-Ford 
Kimberly Ann McCall 
Florence Leona McCarty 
Ryan Chase McCord 
Thomas J. McDermott 

The Cla// or 2007!!! 

Samantha M. Krause 
Amy Rebecca Kravitz 
Elizabeth Krietsch 
Michael Kropat 
Leila Krutt 

Christina Kiyoko Kube 
Asako Kubota 
Elizabeth Grace Kuhl 
Victoria V/. Kuhr 
David R. Kulka 
Jon D. Kunzman 
Emily Lafferrandre 
Aaron G. La Fleur 
Ashley Rebecca Lam 
Andrew Thomas Lamar 
Anthony F. Lamonica 
Kirk Kenton Lancaster 
Theresa Marie Lancaster 
Sarah Chrislyn Lance 
Joseph Daniel Landries 
lulian Langa 
David M. Langford 
Kadeana Marie Langford 
Chastity Faith Lanham 
Peter Wright Larson 
Anna Lenore Lautigar 
Laura Christine Lavedas 
Demetria J. Lawson 
Jonathan William Lawson 
Yelena Lazdun 

Miguel Abraham Lazo Lanuza 
Christy J. Leckburg 
Merle K. LeDuc 
Michael Gabriel Lee 
Robin L. Leightner 
Amanda Rose Lemco 
Joseph M. Lennon 
Celeste LeRoux 
Sara Michele Lester 
Jessica Marion Lewis 
Sara Ann Lewis 
John Paul Liebertz 
Amber Lilley 

Jacob Hendrickson Lloyd 
Charles W. Lochart III 
Peter John Lockinger 
Alexander Long, IV 
Julia Ann Lookabill 
Sarah Ann Lovesky 
Adrian N. Loving 
Melissa Anne Loving 
Katherine Bryant Lowry 
David Benjamin Ludin 
Shana Michelle Lumb 
Katherine Lea Lyons 
Lantz C. Mackey 
Mark Philip MacMillan 
Vanessa Lynn Macoy 
Meghann Lynn Madigan 
Chelsea Caie Mahoney 
Sylvia K. Maldonado 
Christine K. Malkowski 
Corey Gvfynn Malmgren 
Amelia Maloney 
Connor Wood Maloney 
Sharon K. Maloney 
Meredith Hale Manahan 
Jane Elizabeth Mangione 
Arianne Patricia Mann 
Kelly Katherine Mann 
Meredith M. Marconi 
James Douglas Marker 
Nicholas John Marrone 
Justin Michael Marsh 
Gardner Rush Marshall 
Matthew Robert Marsit 
Jonathan Matthew Martens 
Taylor Annette Martin 
Katrilla Holmes 
Megan Alicia Martinez 
John Andrew Mask 
Erica B. Mason 
Jennifer Z. Mason 
Denise M. Greene Mason 
Bradley Alan Matson 
Marcus L. Mattern 

Dustin James McDonald 
Joanne Marie McGowan 
Patrick J. McGowan IV 
Sean Patrick McGowan 
Jessica Michelle McGraw 
Troi Y. McKinnon 
Jacquelyn T. McKnight 
Katherine Aleksa McLane 
Colin Patrick McLaren 
Julianne McHamara 
Dv/yane McNeill 
Christine Carol McNichols 
Brant Wm. McQuitty 
Lindy M. McWhirt 
Danielle Louise Mead 
Rhianna Vasquez Meko 
Heidi Domeier Meredith 
Tessa Ashley Merna 
Jennifer Elizabeth Merritt 
Samantha Diane Merz 
Julia Ruth Franklin 
Nikol Michailos 
Alexandra Mikulewicz 
Craig G. Miles Jr. 
Jeffrey Paul Millan 
Amy A. Miller 
Carolyn J. Miller 
Christopher Lee Miller 
Talia Eve Miller 
Jordan A. Millner 
Nick Mimikopoulos 
William J. Minery III 
Mallory Kendall Minor 
Jamie Marian Miranda 
Nishpriya Mishra 
Lee Ann Mitchell 
Muneeb Ahmad Mobashar 
Jennifer Michelle Moerman 
Kathryn Leigh Molinaro 
Meghan Elizabeth Monahan 


- ,. .. .^y Danielle Mondres 
Meshan Monfett 
Joseph M. Montague 
Sterling Waite Montague III 
Abigail E. Moore 
Amber Kristin Moore 
Andrew Raymond Moore 
Ella S. Moore 
Jennifer Lynn Moore 
Kevin Moore 

Curtis E. Nickels 
Brett Patrick Mobile 
Jon R. North 
Michelle Nicole Norton 
Shahrouz Nourimoghaddam 
Gisele Marie Novak 
Philip L Novalski, Jr. 
Shaina Gabrielle Nunez 
Carine M. Nzodom 
Timothy Patrick O Brien 

Katrina Vitalina Perez 

Jisel J. Perilla 

Katherine Elizabeth Perrone 

Emily Anna Perry 

Kelli Lynne Perry 

Sarah E. Perry 

Amanda Lynn Peterik 

Andrew James Peters 

Suzanne Hudgins Peters 

Jeanine Victoria Petrigliano 


Terrence Patrick Moore 
Sarah Bethany Morgan 
Matthew Adam Morrell 
Desiree Antoinette Hull Morris 
Gary Alan Morrison 
Kara Lynn Morrison 
Michael Moscarelli 
Katherine Noelle Moseley 
Lucien William Moss 
Sarreen Mostofa 
Mahvash Mujahid 
Annice M. Mulhare 
Hardian Muljadi 
Sheri Munson 
Maureen Elizabeth Murphy 
Michael T. Murphy 
Sarah L. Murphy 
Drew Pennington Murray 
Elizabeth Ashley Murray 
Elizabeth Maureen Murray 
Edward F. Myder Jr. 
Caleb Stephen Myers 
Kevin Allen Myers 
Brigid Sweeney Myler 
Christine Anne Myskowski 
Alicia Danielle Nance 
Michael Nanez 
Rachel Elizabeth Nania 
Khamla Nanthana 
Andrew Lewis Napier 
Adam P. Nash 
Mary K. Nash 
Kelsea Lauren Natoli 
Jaclyn A. Nelson 
Patricia Newman 
Philip Newton 
Anh Tu Nguyen 
Cam-Van Quysifi Nguyen 
Chan Bao Nguy Tang Le 
Carey Lynn Niche: ^n 



Patsy N. Oburn 
Andrew Logan Ocheltree 
Bethany Brown O Connor 
Michael B. O Donnell 
Thomas Patrick O'Grady Jr. 
Harrison Edward Okin 
Erin K. Oldham 
Meaghan O Leary 
Robert C. Olson 
Amal Omer 
Caitlin Shelley O Neil 
Elizabeth Blair O Neill 
Danielle-Lee Oppel 
James Daniel Osburn 
Ellen Elizabeth Ostrow 
James R. Otto 
Andrew Lee Owens 
Monica R. Owens 
Emily Elisabeth Painter 
Lindsey Blair Painter 
Peter Timothy Palafoutas 
Abigail Pare 
Alexandra S. Pargas 
Thomas Francis Park 
Stefanie J. Parker 
Dale Trent Parker 
Matthew B. Parr 
Megan Parrish 
Michael Harvey Parrish 
Jennifer Marie Parsick 
Rebecca Elizabeth Parson 
Kimberley Walker Parsons 
Angela Janet Pascoe 
Matthew A. Pask 
Michael Alan Passera 
Tammy Lee Howell Pasto 
Aliea Ellen Pastore 
Holly Renee Paxton 
Tanya Peake 
Amanda Marie Pecsi 
Andrea Kristen Perdue 
Devin Garrett Perdue 
Raymond Perez Jr. 

Stephen Julian Petros 
Joseph M. Petrusiak 
Amanda Lynn Petruzzi 
Dain Pettie 

Elizabeth Anne Phelps 
Anuj Sareen Phull 
Jennifer Claire Pierotti 
Amanda M. Pike 
Alexandra Bevin Piotrowski 
Corinda Victoria Pippins 
Richard Stuart Pitts 
Jennifer Denise Pitts 
Ryan C. Piatt 
Tierney Plumb 
Michael J. Plutkis 
Erin Marie Polk 
Jessica Lauren Polledri 
Louis R. Ponterio 
Rachel Ann Porter 
Krystal M. Postupack-Davies 
Stephanie Michelle Potter 
Diane B. Price 
Donald Clifford Price 
James Prunier 
Andrea L. Purdy 
Marie Natalie Purkert 
Evan Seth Qualtrough 
Lauri Anne Raffetto 
Andrea Nebojsa Rajacic 
Amanda Michelle Ramey 
Patricia Elizabeth Ramirez 
Jennifer L. Randall 
Theresa Marie Raposa 
Caroline Elizabeth Reardon 
Sarah Elizabeth Reese 
Jennifer Lee Reese 
Samantha Leigh Reich 
Patricia Christine Reichmann 
Lindsay Anne Reilly 
Amanda Reitze 
Terrance Francis Revella 
Bryan Daniel Gore Reynolds 
Jon Kurtis Reynolds, Jr. 

Meghan Elizabeth Reynolds 
Rachel Katherine Reynolds 
Debra L. Rezendes 
Courtney Elaine Rice 
Michelle Leigh Richards 
Graham Marshall Richardson 
Matthew Richman-Raphael 
Erin Amelia Ridout 
Peter William Riedel 
Whitney Erin Rife 

Christopher James Seism 
April Lynn Scott 
Stephanie Elaine Scovel-Toney 
Chelsea Maia Seachord 
Kenneth Searles 
Carole LeAnn Seese 
Sulakshana Seevaratnam 
Michael A. Seina 
Stephanie Rae Semonite 
Rebecca Susan Severson-lrby 

Kristen Leigh Spearman 
Amanda T. Spencer 
LT W. Perry Sproul 
Carrie Lee St. Clair 
Kristin Alexandra Stankus 
John H. Steiner 
Timothy Allen Stello 
Evan M. Stepanick 
Megan Michele Stephens 
Sarah Ann Stephens 

The Cvajj of 2007!!! 

Jessica Lindsay Rigel 
David B. Riley 
Caria A. Rime 
Erik Jon Ringquist 
Amber Elizabeth Ritchie 
Diane M. Ritchie 
Amy Lynn Robbins 
Charles Robertson 
George Robertson 
Frances A. Robinson 
Bryan Mitchell Rodia 
Mary C. Rohr 
Katrina H. Roman 
Megan Elizabeth Ronan 
Jaclyn M. Rose 
Nicholas James Ross 
Charles Wedderburn Ross 
Elizabeth M. Rossi 
Craig Michael Rossman 
Jason C. Roth 
Julia Marie Rothlisberger 
Erin Roseanne Rourke 
Paul Matthew Ruhmann 
Sarah Langdon Rupert 
Frederick William Russe II 
Carmen Cathrine Dulin 
Joshua Ryan Rutherford 
Amanda Bowen Rutstein 
Julie Christine Saenz 
Emily Marie Sala 
Colin Richard Samples 
Faswilla Sampson 
Aaron David Samsel 
Clare Elizabeth Sanchez 
Kathryn L. Sandoval 
Nyema Elizabeth Sayed 
Kerri Lynne Scales 
Kenneth Scheiber 
Jeanette Irene Schmitt 
Jessica D. Schmitt 
Christina Greta Schorn 
Elizabeth Ann Schumacher 
Ashley Nicole Schumann 

Brittany Lyn Shankle 
Marianne Jennifer Shapiro 
Jennifer Dawn Sheehan 
Laurie M. Sheehan 
Melissa Lynn Shelburne 
Jamie Aaron Shepherd 
William Andrew Sheppard 
Sarah Elizabeth Sherman 
Teresa Ann Shillingford 
Heekyung Shin 
Lillian Shirley 
Machelle Kieona Shivers 
Rebecca Louise Short 
Kathleen Noelle Shugart 
Allyson Eileen Shull 
Jonathan Marc Sidell 
Elizabeth Catherine Sieb 
Lee Edward Sillitoe 
Jessica Lynn Simon 
Victoria Lynn Simpson 
Vera L. Sincere 
Kati Ann Singel 
Elizabeth Grace Singletary 
Jay Sinha 

Julianne Skarwecki 
Samantha Summer Sky 
Stefanie Sky 
Stacey Lee Slaughter 
Emily Cathleen Slough 
Jacquelyn Rene Small 
Caitlin Emily Smith 
Daniel A. Smith 
Matthew Justin Smith 
Katherine D. Smith 
Nathan S. Smith 
Naomi Ann Marie Smith 
Amalie Therese Smith 
Jacqueline Snyder 
Kristin Leigh Snyder 
Marie Layne Snyder 
Samual Justin Snyder 
Natalie Anne Soroka 
Jamie Sotzing 

Colby Bourne Stevenson 
Samanda Marion Stevenson 
Catherine Lynn Stewart 
Jennifer Elisabeth Stewart 
Corrina Collins Sthreshley 
Christa L. Stoots 
Dennis Patrick Strawderman 
Caitlin Irene Strickler 
Joy R. Strojek 
Dana Kristine Stubbs 
Julia Cecile Sullivan 
Sarah Catherine Sullivan 
Kristin Jeanette Summers 
Graig Michael Superina 
Steven Cecil Sutherland 
Mary Elizabeth Swaney 
Katherine Harrington Swanson 
Keith W. Sweeney 
Stephen Raynor Swensen 
Caroline Swicegood 
Anna Synnestvedt 
Stephanie Anne Tait 
Christopher F. Talty 
Luke Bradford Tate 
Broderick I. Taylor 
Lara Longan Teague 
Esther Lynne Tennyson 
Michael J. Tessitore 
Emily Elise Thacker 
Ashley Elizabeth Thacker 
Cassandra M. Thibodeau 
Mary K.athryn Thiel 
Rebecca Elaine Thomas 
Ashley N. Thompson 
Regina D. Thornton 
Erica Rogers Thorsen 
Shannon Elaine Thurston 
David Chi-Yu Tiao 
Kelley L. Ticc 
Elana Tiemann 


Laura J. Titus 
Joseph Andrew Todd 
Janette A. Tolosa 
Benjamin Jacob Tolson 
Diana D. Torres 
Katiiryn Tortora 
Christopher A. Toten 
Lisa Maureen Tracy 
John Francis Triolo 
Carey Leah Triplett 

Dustin J. Wall<er 
Erin McDonald Wallcer 
Jerome V/all<er 
Cheryl Lewis Walker 
Melissa Shawn Wall 
Carrie Elizabeth Walpole 
Erin Mary Walsh 
Paul L. Walsh 
Timothy Michael Walsh 
Phillip James Walsky 

Sunny Marie Williams 
Nicole Ramserran Williams 
Mary Nicole Williams 
Emily Wilson 
Jason Michael Wilson 
Joshua Michael Wilson 
Katherine Ann Wilson 
Thomas J. Wilson 
George Holden Winslow 
Sheila Winslow 


THE CiAJJ Of 2007!!! 

Kenneth Tsang 
Ashley Jeanne Tucker 
Anne Fitzgerald Turcotte 
Adam C. Turner 
Anne Rhea Turner 
Katherine Urban 
Bradley van Hintum 
Kimberly Nicole Vann 
Kristin May Vannoy 
Stephanie A. Vaughn 
Lindsey Rose Victoria 
Louise Taylor Vietor 
Laura M. Vigliotti 
David Phillip Villegas 
Laura Ann Viscome 
Marshall Paulus Vogt 
Suzanne Margaret Volinski 
Stephen R. Volny 
Kellyn Deirdre Wade 
Jennifer Lyn Wagar 
Nicholas Evan Wagner 
Teresa A. Wagner 
Kimberly Ann Walchak 
Rebecca Lynn Waldman 
Joseph Patrick Waldo 
Mary L.ouise Waldron , 

Raechel Ann Walters 

Zachary Ross Ward 

Janis Lavern Ward 

Ryan James Warth 

Claudia Wardette Washington 

Aaron C. Watts 

Lydia Maurine Weeks 

LaNita Sophia Weisenberger 

Matthew James Weller 

Jennifer Ann Welsch 

Jennifer S. Wessel 

Crystal Ann West 

Heather Renee Wetzel 

Emily Elizabeth Weyant 

Brandon K. Whelply 

Andrew J. White 

Douglas F. White 

Ian White 

Stephen McAllister Whitesides 

Jennifer G. Widger 

Alexandra Louise Wiesenburg 

Sarah Anne Wilcox 

Lara H. Wilk 

Eric Jensen Wilkins 

Elizabeth Anne Williams 

Myra Susan Williams 

Nancy Irene Williams 

Jessica Grace Wise 

Ann Genevieve Wisloski 

Belinda Gayle Willhelm Wisnoski 

Noah Keeding Wissinger 

Megan Wittling 

Christine Anne WIezien 

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